Rapala BX Balsa Extreme Swimmer

Rapala BX Balsa Extreme Swimmer

The Rapala BX Swimmer delivers the lively, responsive action a balsa lure offers, with the option to fish them in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Truly one-of-a-kind lures, they’re the liveliest, yet toughest balsa-based baits ever created. What makes the BX Swimmer so versatile is the fact that they have balsa on the inside with a tough, durable copolymer shell for unbeatable toughness. Plus, the outer shell allows life-like finishes unlike anything seen on balsa-based lures before. Available in a range of proven colors, the Rapala BX Swimmer delivers jointed, swimming perfection.

-Balsa body inside
-Durable copolymer shell
-Molded 3D head, gills and scales
-Internal X-Foil articulated body with durable pivot system
-#3 Black nickel VMC hooks
-Incredible lifelike finishes
-3D holographic eyes
-Hand tuned & tank tested

Rapala Length Weight Depth Class
BX Swimmer 4-3/4" 3/4oz 4-6ft Slow Sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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7 Colors

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    Model No. BXS12BLP
    Blue Pearl
    Size Stock Qty
    4.75" 01/27
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    Model No. BXS12BBH
    Ike's Blue Back Herring
    Size Stock Qty
    4.75" 2
  • View Large
    Model No. BXS12P
    Size Stock Qty
    4.75" 6
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    Model No. BXS12PDS
    Size Stock Qty
    4.75" 5
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    Model No. BXS12RT
    Rainbow Trout
    Size Stock Qty
    4.75" 3
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    Model No. BXS12S
    Size Stock Qty
    4.75" 3
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    Model No. BXS12SMT
    Size Stock Qty
    4.75" 9

Customer Reviews

Comments: My buddy and I went out surf fish in and he caught a 22 in Hali on the rainbow color and this is on the surf 12 lb big game line wow very impressed going to be getting a couple of these on my next order!

From: Brian: Lake Forest, CA

Comments: Very impressed with this bait.. I was using a strike king king shad and had gotten broken off by what looked to be a four or five lber. My buddy had one of these Bx swimmers and let me use it. On my fifth or sixth cast caught a beauty of a 9 lber. The bait had great action and the finish held perfectly. I wil be adding these to my line up for sure.

From: Thomas: Holly Springs, NC

Comments: me again guys, this bait is awesome, caught 2-3 lb bass off this bait, its good like most rapala lures, it works so you can know it works. Its awesome, great job Tacklewarehouse, rapala, and tackletour, this is winner!

From: Alex

Comments: awesome looking baits, have not seen them in stores yet. Hope they come soon. Thanks TW for stocking up favorite new rapala lures. Ask rapala to make a joined flat rap. That would be killer on fish and add xtreme balsa to it. Good fishing TW and rapala forever!

From: Alex: Kansas

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