Rapala BX Balsa Extreme Minnow - $9.99

The Rapala BX Minnow, like the BX Swimmer, now gives anglers the option to fish a bait with a balsa-style action in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Truly one-of-a-kind lures, the action and durability of the BX Minnow is unmatched by any other bait on the market. Plus the finishes are the most lifelike yet. Designed with the clear intention that it would embody the traditional attributes Rapala balsa baits are known for with the heavy-duty toughness that fighting large fish demands, the Rapala BX Minnow is sure to be an instant Rapala Classic.

-Balsa body inside
-Durable copolymer shell
-Molded 3D head, gills and scales
-Internal X-Foil flat-sided with Strong Flash on Roll
-#3 Black nickel VMC hooks
-Incredible lifelike finishes
-3D holographic eyes
-Hand tuned & tank tested

Rapala Length Weight Depth Class
BX Minnow 4" 3/8oz 3-5ft Floating

Treble Hooks

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  • Ike's Blue Back Herring
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  • Perch
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  • Purpledescent
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  • Rainbow Trout
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  • Silver
    Size Stock Qty
  • Smelt
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Comments: This lure has been out for quite a while. I never really gave into the hype of balsa wood. I still don't care.  But I decided to give it a try. I didn't even know that it didn't hate a rattle chamber. But for fishing in the CA Delta, this thing rocks! And silent worked better. Striper, LMB, and Crappie pound this thing. And you better believe that if it's a crappie, it's a monster crappie. It has plenty of flash. It's got an irresistible swim motion when burning it which creates plenty of reaction bites. And has a moderate side to side darting action when jerking and pausing. Fish just love it. 

From: Thor: Sacramento, CA 2/21/15

Comments: This is a masterpiece of craft combined with newest and greatest technologies. This bait is really sweet looking with flawless finishes as expected from all Rapala's lures. However, this lure downsides are minor when casting in the high wind and castability isn't as great. Hopefully, Rapala will perfect this lure with more features like rattles, and weight transfer system of that lengendary X-Rap. Which I imagined in the future can be accomplished.

From: Chuong: San Jose, CA

Comments: Finally got one of these from TW in the Smelt pattern.  Fishing in late fall in the northeast can be tough, but this bait was a killer for me this past weekend.  I caught quite a few bass in the 2-3 pound range but I was also catching pike like crazy and few fairly big perch.  I've never caught such a variety of fish on one bait before.  This is definitely a fish attracter.  Because it has a balsa core, it wobbles and turns (depending on which way it is facing due to the line tension) as it rises.  Almost all of my strikes came on the pause, and they were very hard strikes.

From: Matt: MA

Comments: set another date for this bait again? must be catching fish, not sold yet in local stores. Hope next year to be stocked up so I can get one. I hope they come out with new xtreme balsa DT's that would be awesome to crankbait series. Good job rapala, keep making more lures in next decades because guys love improvement on baits and new types. Good fishing forever!

From: Alex: Kansas

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