Featuring a uniquely designed rattle chamber containing a single steel ball bearing and external metal discs, the Rapala Clackin’ Crank transmits a distinctive clackin’ sound with maximum vibration.  A perfect choice for working over the tops of grass or around stumps and laydowns in shallow water, its steep downward-angled square bill ensures strike-inducing deflections and a nose-down, snag-resistant posture.  Extremely realistic with its translucent, textured body design, the Clackin' Rap produces a seductive flash to help attract additional attention in stained water.  Available in a variety of colors, each Rapala Clackin’ Crank is hand-tuned and tank-tested to swim perfectly right out of the box.

Rapala Length Weight Depth
CNC-53 2" 5/16oz 3ft
CNC-55 2" 5/16oz 5ft
CNC-610 2-1/2" 5/8oz 10ft
CNC-74 2-3/4" 5/8oz 4ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Most underrated bait on the market, this thing catches some monster bass, especially in muddy water, the smallmouth love them too.

From: Mitch: MN

Comments: I bought a couple Clackin Cranks at the end of last season.  I completely forgot that I had tied on the silver crank onto my 6'6" medium spinning rod.  About halfway through my first bass tournament of this season, I was getting completely skunked.  Instead of re-tying on another crank bait, I decided to cast it out.  I was not disappointed at all and quite surprised.  I use Rapala hard baits quite frequently mainly sticking with the ones that I know work.  Well, this is now my "go to" crank bait whether the bass are biting or not.  The colour selection is sufficient with 11 colours to choose from and the price is comparable to other manufacturers that are on the market today.  Well done Rapala.  Looking forward to the newest crank baits that you come up with.

From: Jeff: Canada

Comments: This bait is great for prespawn when they are everywhere around the shallows! Had a few eat it a foot from the bank! Gold olive, bleeding olive shiner for clearer water, parrot and hot mustard for murky!

From: Ethan: Kansas

Comments: Let me say first that I am totally a fan of rapala lures. I have plenty of confidence in them and they dominate my tackle trays. This one was very good at catching but after 45 minutes of throwing the lure it began to feel funny. When I looked closer, the area around the rattle chamber had fractures. The cracks were allowing water inside the body causing it to sink and affecting the action. With my expectation of rapala quality, not to mention its price, it should have lasted much longer. I hope this isnt a preview of the quality that rapala will start putting out

From: Richard: VA Beach

Comments: all i could said is, it catch my 1st lunker 6.9 nd dis is a secret hahaha!!!!

From: PY_BASSMASTER!!!: sacramento CA

Comments: i caught a 22 pound tiger musky with the 2 in bleeding olive shiner. I love these lures

From: Josh

Comments: First night using the Bleeding Olive Shiner and the first 4 casts I caught one largemouth and one smallmouth I would say I'm loving it! Used it in ultra clear water and this thing casts a mile and then some! Wasn't getting a bite until I tied this on! Great finish and the hooks don't let go!

From: Zach: IN

Comments: The low-angled bill makes the lure catch a lot of moss and other slop if there's any in the area. Under ideal conditions, this can be a great bait, it's super loud. I've caught lots of fish on the parrot color in the daytime, but unfortunately the paint chips off of these very easily so I don't find it worth the high price tag.

From: Franklin: AR

Comments: Why not perfect~~......This is a good lure, it helped me catch a lot of fish but there is a big problem about the rapala clackin series!!!!!!! The problem is "water leaking". Check your clackin crank or rap, see if there is any water inside....I have 5 clackin cranks, they all have this problem, water tend to go inside of the lure from where the metal chamber connecting to the plastic body. When temperature changes, metal and plastic will expand or shrink with different speed, sometimes the gap between the metal chamber and the plastic body can be big enough for water to go inside expecially when you run the lure at MAX. depth( under high water pressure) .  Once the water went inside it will never come out, your lure will become heavier and heavier---from slow rising to slow sinking or even worse.  ( you lure won't look as good as it used to either)   Come on rapala!!!! I like this lure so much, but the water leaking problem really piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  En...They should use independent sealed plastic body instead and then put the metal chamber in the middle.

From: Chee: Chicago

Comments: Tried this crank out for the first time, 3rd cast landed a solid 3lb largie. Next cast same spot landed a solid 2.5lb Large Mouth. These cranks are really good but at 10.99 it might be a little too much, they should be around the 6.99 to 7.99 range

Comments: Just before dawn when the bass need a little direction this is the perfect noise maker. Nailed two 5lbers on 3 casts. No BS. Don't know if color matters as it was still dark. Enjoy.

From: Steve: L.A., CA

Comments: I fish nearly any crank I can find, and I have to say this bait deserves to be more popular. The fact that no one really fishes it is alright with me though.  It definitely has a unique sound (probably too loud for most situations), enough momentum to bulldoze through cover, and from my experience can really piss off those fish you know are holding to wood but will not bite very easy. Also, although the bait isn't really designed for grass, I caught silly amounts of fish ripping this dense bait up and out of hydrilla this year.

From: Miles: OKC, OK

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