The Rapala Clackin' Rap lipless crankbait creates a distinctive sound and vibration profile that allows fish to zero in. The sound chamber, which is noticeably visible from the side of the lure, uses a single large BB. As the single large BB hits the walls of the sound chamber it produces low frequency clicks that travel further and deeper down, calling to fish from greater distances. The Rapala Clackin' Rap is 3-1/8 inches long, weighs 7/8 ounces, and is outfitted with a front VMC black nickel treble hooks. Aside from the sound chamber the Clackin' Rap also features a translucent textured body with internal holographic foil that flashes as the lure swims through the water.

Rapala Length Weight Hooks Class
Clackin' Rap 6 2-1/2" 7/16oz #6 Sinking
Clackin' Rap 7 2-3/4" 5/8oz #6, #4 Sinking
Clackin' Rap 8 3-1/8" 7/8oz #4, #3 Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Amazing lure! I love the Clown color & the ghost color. Use it like any other lipless crankbait. Works much better than most I've tried & has a very durable finish.

From: CAD: USA 5/12/16

Comments: Got this lure on clown color for fishing today. The water us still cold in April, so fishing from shore is not very good. Was about to give up, and decided to try this lure. A couple of casts away a really nice bass hit it hard! Awesome lipless, noisy & good action.

From: Tsepty: Rockland, NY 4/10/16

Comments: Great great bait. Throws a mile and runs true!

From: BWS: Canton, Ga

Comments:  I never really this lure much until last summer, nothing else was working so I gave it a go. 3rd cast, a pike, about the 20th cast, 2 lb bass. I love this lure in the silver and I wish I would had fished it more. Get one of these and you will be impressed

From: Austin: New Baltimore, MI

Comments: went to clear lake ca.i was useing purple gold let it sink to the bottem then rip it up let sink and boom 18.9 pound catfish i was fishing for bass needless to say what a surprise

From: Mike: Klamath Falls, OR

Comments: Great Bait! Rips up grass beds like a champ- but you'd better use a good glass rod, or they will throw this bait often.

From: JDubs: NV

Comments: Bought this for a smallmouth trip in Sturgeon Bay, WI and ended up throwing the black/silver size 7 at night for walleye.  Landed 4 fish between 5-8 lbs. in an hour.  Fished it like we were fishing for bass in 4-8' and bouncing it off the rocks was key.

From: Mike: Chicago, IL

Comments: In red craw got my best 5 fish limit, 20lbs 2oz. awesome lures

Comments: What a great 4 hours of fishing!  I was originally swimming soft plastics and throwing Senkos to no avail.  Then I decided to cast the Clackin Rap out and...BOOM!  Fish-on on the first cast and the next two casts in a row!  Then in the following 4 hours of fishing, I proceeded to catch another 21 largemouths in the 2-4 pound range!  I only missed 4 hits with the hooks provided with the lure.  What a great time!

From: Rudy: Central California, USA

Comments: Using the Regal Shad color netted me a 20 fish day yesterday.  It all happened within a 3 hour time period; the fish seemed to hit at a rate of 1 fish for every 5 casts.  About the lure: casts far, has a solid action, and the sound gives the fish something different.  Will buy more!

From: Rudy: Central California, USA

Comments: this lure is sick. in 3 hours of fishing me and my buddy throwing one to, caught about 30lbs of largemouth. every fish 5lb plus.

From: Chris: Fox Lake, IL

Comments: I fish mostly up at lake erie with the size 6 shad pattern and i have to say if you fellas arnt catching fish on this go take classes somewhere. 2 weeks ago i was up at lake erie and in like 16 hours of fishing about 2 days  of fishing for me i caught 87 bass all 2+ pounds. i had 12 cast back to back landing fish not in a boat either. i was a little cooler and i was still reeling pretty fast and they were just destroying this lure. The bass actually broke 2 of them. Also after night comes i was doing some crankbaiting for the bigger bass and this lands them i was catching nothing under 4 pounds in the summer.  

From: Michael: Worthington, Ohio

Comments: I have had immense luck with this lure. On one fall afternoon it accounted for a 32 inch pike and a half dozen small mouth/large mouth all in the 2lb + range. It is a heavy lure but I have success by jigging with it. It became my go-to fall pike lure where I fish. I use the ghost or olive colour in the size 7. It's also great to rip over weeds but makes so much noise you have to keep moving when using this lure.

From: Nathan: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Comments: bad ass. my friend gave me a few about a week ago and i have just been slautering fish on these things

From: Kenny: Santee, CA

Comments: Great lure! I've caught tons of  bass on this lure. Another must have by Rapala!

From: Micah: Florida, USA

Comments: I bought the smaller size in the olive green color when Rapala first came out with these....and still have yet to catch anything with it. Also, like some of the other reviewers, I'm sure if I tried I could cast this lure half way across Seneca Lake(and I mean north to south). I'm sure the clackin rap will catch a fish one of these days...probably when I least expect. Love the color I have, the action is tighter than I would like, but I sure do love the sound it makes.

From: Yosef: Liverpool, NY

Comments: I bought several of these, two for myself and a few as gifts. They were Rapala's newest product at the time of purchase, so I knew they'd be good. Well they are, I suppose, if you like casting a rock that rattles. This lure will launch at casting speed a distance of about 2 minutes. What I mean is this lure is gone, and you won't see where it landed. You'll hear a distant splash, but it will take a while for the sound to get back to your ears. Two minutes later, you'll still be reeling, and a few seconds before you see it, you'll hear it. And then you bring it out of the water, go through the launch sequence and repeat. I have no use for this lure. Maybe as a bookend or paperweight. The ones I gave away as gifts are seldom used and when they are used, they are seldom used without complaint at being so heavy.

From: Eric

Comments:  First, this is a big, fat bait.  Second, it's heavy.  It sinks like a rock.  It doesn't have a lot of action at slow speeds.  But it does at medium to fast speeds and you can hear it in the water long before it gets to your boat.  One thing I like is that it nose-stands on the bottom making is a good bait for stroking or yo-yo'ing.

From: Rowland: Newport News, VA

Comments:Love the new sound. Just gently shake one and you will not be ably to wait to tie it on. The larger size is a bit heavy for most sticks to rip through grass though. Love the new smaller version for this application. Congrats Rapala.

From:Mike: Parma, OH

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