Rapala Clipper Combo - $9.59

The Rapala ProGuide Clipper Combo is much more than just a fancy line clipper. The Clipper Combo set also includes a jig buster to make threading line through painted jig eyes easier, a pre-set hook hone to sharpen your hooks and the clipper full of extra features. The Rapala Clipper Combo offers full stainless steel construction with razor sharp cutting edges. There is an oversized thumb bar for comfortable use, even with gloves. The Clipper Combo also holds a line pick to easily clear backlashes from your baitcasting reel and a small knife for any cutting chore. Along the edge of the Clipper Combo are a series of ‘lure tuners' to tune your crankbaits with no trouble. All three pieces come attached to an extra-large key ring and a 36" lanyard to keep everything around you neck.
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Rapala Clipper Combo

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Rapala Clipper Combo $9.59

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