Designed to target specific depth zones and keep you right on the fish, the Rapala Crankin’ Raps have you covered anywhere from 2 to 14 feet.  Their round body design and thin tail combine to produce an enticing wobbling action that bass and even other fish species can’t seem to resist.  Well constructed and durable, the Crankin Raps also feature holographic foil inserts and external scale patterns for added realism and underwater flashing.

The shallow-diving 03 and 05 sizes in the Crankin Rap feature a square-bill designed to plow through the water, while the deeper-diving 08, 10 & 14 sizes feature a round lip that allows them to plummet quickly to their desired depth.  Available in a variety of proven colors in each size, each Rapala Crankin Rap also has the running depth prominently displayed on its bill, allowing anglers determine at a glance which Cranking Rap to choose.

Crankin' Rap



CRR03 2" 3/8oz 2-3ft
CRR05 2-1/2" 1/2oz 4-5ft
CRR08 2" 3/8oz 7-8ft
CRR10 2-1/2" 1/2oz 9-10ft
CRR14 2-1/2" 1/2oz 13-14ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: A great compliment to the DT series. The DT's are a little more flat sided and tend to have a tighter wiggle, especially the DT 10 and above. These are a little more rounded and have that wobble that fish seem to look for when they're looking to feed. Great bait, great action, great hooks. I can't say enough about this one. Rapala for LIFE.

From: Kevin

Comments: I used this in 4 lakes, caught 13 notherns and at least 20 bass. Then a week later caught a 38 inch northern. You would think after all of that, a lure would be absolutely destroyed. But nope, one a few minor scratches from 14 northern. Absolutely the greatest lure in my tackle box.

From: Andy: MN

Comments: Solid crank bait! Well built and catches fish... What more do I have to say. The red craw kills it at LLC here in SB!

From: Mark: SB, CA

Comments: I was looking to update some of my crankbait's and ran across these and thought i would give them a go for the price of them. And i must say i am glad i did.I use the Crr08 model in helsinki shad and hot mustard as they are the only two i have currently.This flat out are some nice crankbaits,they run good and true from the box,When bouncing of cover or the bottom they have the hunting action you like to have in a crankbait.I plan to get more colors soon !!! The paint could be a little tougher is my only gripe and that is really with any crankbait if you fish them in heavy cover.They will get some chips and scrathes on them

From: Chris: KY

Comments: have the 5 series square bill, and it does what the kvd square bill is supposed to do but doesn't and that is have a hunting action, it doesn't just run in a straight line back to the boat, runs true and upright, but it has a searching action to it, it will dart off to the right or the left randomly during the retrieve just like you want your square bills to do, last square bill I've seen do that consistently was a brians bees custom balsa square bill that cost me 25 bucks. I bought the Helsinki shad color and its a better looking sexy shad look than any strike king bait, and the scale texture is unreal. All this for under 6 bucks, this is why Rapala is the best in my book.

From: Ben: FL

Comments: Runs true straight out of the box. I've caught about 60 fish on a size 5 Hot Olive and there are no chips and the stock hooks are still sharp.

From: Grant: Somerset West, South Africa

Comments: Another classic from Rapala....The CRR03 & CRR08 are absolute Fish CATCHERS! Hot Mustard and Helsinki Shad are my Favs.. Very durable as others have mentioned....

From: Texas, where else?

Comments: This is a really great crank bait. I have the CRR10. First time out i caught three bass on it with in 15-20 mins off of a main lake point. I have the red crawdad coloration. Its swimming action looks really good in the water

From: Alex: IL

Comments: Just fished a tournament where it was a tough bite in the fall! Fished Rip Rap with this bait in Helsinki Shad. I was banging hard on rocks all day, even on shore and thought many times I would have cracked it! Never broke and barely any nicks on it even. Caught fish and was very durable... will be getting some more!

From: Brian: IL

Comments: These are awesome baits! The size 3 and 5s have replaced my speed traps as my go to shallow crank over rocky shore lines. Sturdy and a great value.

From: Brian: CA

Comments: Fished it side by side against a Strike King of the same depth and color,  ( Hot Mustard)  not even close, it has better action caught fish 5 to 1 in the same stretch of water.  It also seemed to hook fish much better.  I also agree it might be better than the DT series as far as action.

From: Mike: Allentown, PA

Comments: The 10 & 14 are both good baits. I like this bait more than the DT series. Enough said?

From: Dennis: Gallatin, TN

Comments: These are really great baits! I picked up a few of them at Academy and took them out on the water to see if they really work. THEY DO! I went out on Lake Hartwell  for about 45 minutes and caught two very nice bass, off of points. The action is incredible! I caught both of mine on the moss shad color.

From: Garrison: Bogart, GA

Comments: rapala has done it again. you cant go wrong with these baits. i am fishing on the ametuer series currently. this is a must in anyones tackle box when fishing for highly pressured fish. buy this and you wont be disappointed

From: Big D: Pennsylvania, USA

Comments: best rapala bait. honestly the only rapala i own i catch many fish with them and in finicky pressured waters.

From: Josh: Columbus, OH

Comments: Great bait, pulling alot of fish on the firetiger color.  Another quality bait by rapala, can't go wrong with it.

From: Vincent: Youngsville, NY

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