Rapala DT Flat Crankbait

This first flat-sided balsa crankbait from Rapala, the DT Flat Series lures offer a tighter, brighter shimmering action than the original DTs. The highly visible profile is the perfect way to pull bass off ambush points and from deep points. An enhanced coffin lip deflects better off underwater obstacles in a darting, escape-style blast. To enhance the flat sides, new patterns had to be developed, providing the maximum amount of contrast. Metallic paint scales add a cadence flash as the lure tightly wobbles on return.

Rapala Length Weight Depth Class
DT FLAT 3 2.75" 3/8oz 3ft Floating
DT FLAT 7 2.5" 3/8oz 7ft Floating

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13 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought a couple of these CB's about 10 years back just to give them a try. I bought the medium diver w/ the coffin lip & the bait swims great!! Very subtle swimming motion; much like the original Shad Raps. When fish have been pressured from a lot of Spring/Summer tournaments, this silent running CB will produce fish. Awesome on laydowns in early Fall.

From: John: Knoxville, TN 1/11/16

Comments: I know flat cranks aren't just for cold water but early & late season these cranks just murder bass. Both sizes. They may not be the most durable of cranks but they have to be experienced to be believed. People get way to caught up in colors. The color choices are fine. Certainly need treble upgrade.

From: Butch: Champion, OH 11/6/15

Comments: I can tell you after fishing balsa crankbaits since the dawn of Bagley's Balsa B's, that this is the best largemouth crankbait I've ever pulled. casts like a canon and runs like nothing else I've used... the coffin lip ticks off wood and rock perfectly, sometimes hits a limb hard enough then does a barrel roll and continues on... the colors are all proven for either stained, muddy or clear water, so as far as the comment about "no new colors" makes little sense to me, baby bass, crawfish, firetiger, blue or black shad, what else do you want...

From: Danny: GA 7/28/14

Comments: The DT series is inherently angler friendly since you have control over the depths you want to work. The flat sides of this model give off an excellent flash when using colors incorporating silver scales or silver sides. When slowly retrieved, the tight wobble provokes strikes from cold water largemouth bass (low 50s down to low 40s), and the coffin bill imparts a bass tempting, darting action when the lure deflects off rocks or wood. As usual for Rapala lures, they run true without making any adjustments.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments: The 7ft version is a killer crankbait....it has action similar to a Spro Little John (my all time favorite). Last weekend I bagged three lunkers in a row using the DT Flat 7. I was running the lure over a submerged point that had one stump visible above water and tons of submerged brush. Other lures were going too deep and getting mixed up in the brush. The DT was running perfect; ticking the top of the brush and banging off of tree limbs. First lunker weighed 11.3lbs. Second weighed 9lbs. Third weighed 6.5lbs. I lost my only DT soon after catching the third lunker. I couldn't buy a bite using other lures (Little John, Strike King 3 & 5X, Rattle Trap, and Shad Rap)...that lure's running depth and action were just right. Gonna stock up on 'em.

From: Nic: GA

Comments: This bait is junk...bill design needs to be reviewed. I have 8 broken baits in the bottom of the boat. Bill breaks behind line tie...sometimes you'll be lucky to get body back sometimes it will be just the bill.

From: William: Anderson, TN

Comments: rapala is a great lure when i cast a some strike king cranks they seem too helicopter on me a bit all rapala cast like a bullet prefection... but the color like c mon guys the colors? they are so basic there the same stupid colors on every rapala theres never any new colors they have like 12 color schems that they use for every model this really turns me off of buying any more get with the colors rapala

From: Jake, PA

Comments: This lure is a absolute fish killer. TW does not offer alot of colors for the dt 3 and 7 but the Regal Shad and Citrus Shad just murders small mouth bass. Other colors seem to work fine but those 2 colors are the miracle colors. The only downside to these lures is that the lips rip off quite often so be prepared to buy a few more.

From: Madison, WI

Comments: I have both versions of this bait, and can't complain, the deeper one is great for working around deeper structure, and down slopes, and the shallow one I like to use as a follow up to the squarebill dt fat, it has a tighter action which I found sometimes will trigger the strike if the fish short struck, or just rolled on the fat.

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