Rapala DT Thug Crankbait - $6.99

The DT’s tough little cousin, the Rapala DT Thug makes its living bouncing off rocks, grinding on the bottom and ripping through thick vegetation. Hand tuned and tank tested, it swims with the hard action and high vibration variation encompassed in the classic Rapala swimming motion. Featuring a durable balsa wood construction, the DT Thug has the ability to float up and out of snags. It’s long bill also helps it dive down into the strike zone quickly, while providing excellent deflection capabilities. Available in multiple colors and equipped with VMC SureSet Black Nickel Hooks, the Rapala DT Thug is up to picking fights with the biggest and meanest bass.

Rapala Length Weight Depth Class Hook
DT Thug 2-1/2" 3/8oz 4-8ft Floating #6

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Rapala DT Thug Crankbait

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  • Bleeding Olive Shiner
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  • Blue Pearl
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  • Chartreuse Shad
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  • Helsinki Shad
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  • Ike's Blue Back Herring
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  • Ike's Caribbean Shad
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  • Ike's Demon
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  • Ike's Disco Shad
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  • Ike's Mardi Gras
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  • Ike's Old School
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  • Ike's Penguin
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  • Ike's Smash
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  • Parrot
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  • Pearl Grey Shiner
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  • Red Crawdad
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Comments: This is my go to crankbait when fishing 7 feet or less. My best color is Chartreuse Shad.
I now keep no less than 3 baits in that color. The action is perfect and it bounces off structure like a squarebill. I have caught more with this crankbait than all my others combined.

From: Donnie: LA 1/28/15

Comments: litteraly the only crankbait Im going with when I'm not going deep. The action is great, the water range is ideal, the lip keep the bait away from getting stuck, the castability is great even with it's lightweight and also its solid. Highly recommend having a bunch in the tacklebox.

From: Thierry: Montreal, Canada 1/1/15

Comments: This is my go to crank bait bleeding olive best color for clear water ! Get some!

From: Brian: Lake Forest, USA

Comments: This was my go to bait last year. It's a little more expensive but in my opinion its worth the cost. This crank runs straight on every retrieve and is very durable. Smallmouth love them too!

From: Ben: Reston, VA

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