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Rapala Fishermans Mini Headlamp - $14.09

The Rapala Fisherman's Mini Headlamp was created for anglers who need a hands-free light source in low light conditions. Extremely versatile, it comes with a headstrap and can also be mounted on your cap. It features three LEDs: two wide-vision LEDs for close-in work, and one LED for long distance. Water-resistant, the Rapala Fisherman’s Mini Headlamp also pivots up and down.

-3 L.E.D.s
-20 Lumens
-1 L.E.D. - Spot Focus - 20 Yard Distance, 50 Hour Run Time
-2 L.E.D.s - 65° Wide Vision - 10 Yard Distance, 25 Hour Run Time
-2 Lithium Coin Batteries Included
-Adjustable Headstrap Included

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Rapala Fishermans Mini Headlamp

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