Built of balsa wood with a slow-rising response on the pause, the Rapala Flat Rap swims with a modified, hard-flashing version of the classic Rapala “wounded-minnow” action.  The Flat Rap’s triangle lip also enhances its quicker action, while deflecting off any obstacles in its way.  Available in a variety of colors and multiple sizes, each Rapala Flat Rap Jerkbait is hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure it embodies the fish-catching action Rapala is known for across the fishing world.

Flat Rap



FLR06 2-1/2" 1/8oz 1-2ft
FLR08 3-1/8" 1/4oz 2-4ft

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is the best bait I have ever used for top water shallow diving erratic catching Brown trout and Atlantics in Lake Ontario destroyed this bait on five strait days using 6 pound Inviz X fluoro!60 Browns and Atlantics in only 2 days fishing from shore and 125 plus fish in five days total! Great Salmonoid bait!

From: Billy: Oakland, ME

Comments: Altough I have never fished this in freshwater, I should. This is an absolute killer in the Saltwater, under lights. I have caught many Speckled Trout, Skip Jack(Lady fish), and even lost this lure to a redfish who took a trout I was reeling in. I have never had problems with hook ups, or the hooks themself. I would rate a 5/5 for saltwater dock light use. Chrome and Clown are killers down here in Texas.

From: Jake: C. TX

Comments: Really good bait.  Dives just barely below the surface, it has a nice tight wobble.  TW should consider carrying more colors (brown trout in particular works really well, don't know why).  Also there is a size 16 1oz version of this bait that TW should sell!

Comments: Beast of a search bait. I don't know how you couldn't catch fish on this thing. I barely move it, rip the hell out of it, burn stop burn stop, and it just catches fish - of all kinds. I like using it on a 3 way rig as well. I've only used the chromes and the purple.

From: Miles: OK

Comments: Geat bait, works for mulitspecies of fish. I love this bait. Works, try one and keep one in your box. Use it when your are having fun. Keep fishing and good fishing to you.

From: Alex: Kansas

Comments: Good lure, but it doesn't last long. I now own three with no bills. The bill falls out easily with use. You can find lots of stores about this flaw, but not much remedy from Rapala. Just a cautionary note.

From: Bo: Earleton, FL

Comments: If you notice Bass chasing baitfish throw any one with a chrome finish and give it 3 or 4 good rips and let it float back up and repeat but usually the first few rips is all it takes. Also, if you fish rivers for smallies, you need the Flat Rap, this is the best river smallie minnow type bait ever made bar none!

From: Dan: Minersville, PA

Comments: Been fishing the hell out of the Model 8 in Og Pearl Shad for about two months now...NADA. Not sure why it won't get bit, I am the doo doo shiz when it comes to rippin, I put on a different bait and start catching them. I wont buy more.

From: Meatwad: Rippin

Comments: great bait i had it then i lost it by flinging it too hard on my baitcaster...used to get nice sized bass perch and even 1 pike on it plus a nice sized bullhead even attacked it......buy it its a must have!!!!!!!

From: Shane: Hinsdale, MA

Comments: This Rapala is another great yet simple design. And it produces fish. It is a great smallmouth bait, and really works well with a slow retrieve or a stop and go retrieve. Throw it right up along a shore line, fish it over drop offs, it will catch fish. I bought just one for a trip earlier this summer and it did so well that I bought four more for my next trip and each of them (all a different color) caught fish. They are hands down one of my ultimate go to lures. They cast long distances, they swim true, they perform like a high end bait but they won't set you back. I highly recommend this bait.

From: Duke: Michigan, USA

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