A great choice when fish are highly pressured and getting spooky, the Rapala Glidin Rap's slow "slide & glide" action was designed to entice strikes from wary lunkers. When twitched, the Glidin Rap's wide profile causes it to glide and hang in the water column, and when twitched again, it gently tracks back in line. Reel it in steadily for a gentle searching action, and when paused the Glidin Rap will slowly sink in an irresistible flutter. Complete with detailed scale and gill patterns, life-like eyes and realistic coloring, the Rapala Glidin Rap features up to 12 coats of durable paint and epoxy for added authenticity and toughness.

Rapala Length Weight Dive Depth Hooks
Glidin Rap 12 4-3/4" 1-1/3oz 2-5ft 2/0 VMC Trebles
Glidin Rap 15 6" 2-1/2oz 2-5ft 2/0 VMC Trebles

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is too keegan from australia.They do make a smaller 31/2 to 4 inch one its called a twitchin rap.It looks the same but just smaller i have a few of them they glide and sink like the bigger ones.

From: Tyler: Susquehanna River, PA

Comments: Fantastic lure, a steady twitch retrieve really gets the barramundi firing in our local impoundment dams, have done some shallow water burning over large reef flats and have raised some huge pelagics, wish rapala would produce a smaller size 4 inch would be surperb for our estuaries

From: Keegan: Queensland, Australia

Comments: A little pricey for its action! im not saying this lure hasnt produced quality fish! however im usually casting lures like this for snook and the mirrodines work much nicer and are cheaper!

From: A.J.: Florida, USA

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