Designed for maximum casting distance, the Rapala Max Rap Jerkbait features an aerodynamic shape that combines with its patented internal MaxCast mechanism to deliver unbelievable distance on each cast.  Premium from tip to tail, the Max Rap is equipped with every imaginable feature, including laser-engraved scales, VMC Spark Point hooks and superior quality components.  On a straight retrieve it delivers the hard-flashing Rapala “wounded minnow” wobble, and when you rip it through the water and pause it, it produces a wild darting and searching action that has proven deadly for a variety of game fish species.  Available in several colors, the Rapala MaxRap Jerkbait is the choice for discriminating anglers who demand the best from their lures.

Rapala Length Weight Depth
Max Rap 11 4-3/8" 7/16oz 1-3ft
Max Rap 13 5-1/4" 1/2oz 1-3ft

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought mine from gander mountain for $5 or $7 cause they were having a sale. But this guy is GREAT! had my mg speed spool set to 0 for brakes and 12lb red label flouro and it casted further than another lure i have ever cast. It is true at what it claims to be, MAX DISTANCE. But it does the same thing as xraps and rapala's other line of jerkbaits. A bit over priced. But this guy is awesome with action and cast ability. Great lure early season and caught a little largemouth the same size as the lure and it wasn't foul. Had a hook in it's mouth. I recommend it! If you are willing to spend the amount of money on or it or if you find it on sale. GREAT LURE OVER ALL

From: Samsua: Oakdale, MN

Comments: Randomly bought one of these in size 13 Flake Blue when it was on sale for $5 at a local retailer and it became my go to bait! Just got back from an 8 day trip to Ontario and this lure literally caught over 80% of my fish on the trip and included a 38" Northern Pike. All my friends were using Clunn's and went through several of them while I used this one bait until the dreaded cast where my spool randomly stopped on my own and sent this beast flying into the distance. Excellent action, incredible hooks, and sweet castability. The paint did surprisingly well to being subjected to about 100 northern pike strikes and several smallies. I finally broke a hook when a pike was spinning in the boat and hooked my pants and I got upset and yanked the hook to get it out and broke off 1 hook on a treble. Simply can't say enough about how well this lure held up compared to the baits everybody else used and the sheer numbers of hits this provoked. I gave the other guy in my boat a similar colored lure and he didn't have nearly as much success as I did with this.

From: Brad: Omaha, NE, USA

Comments: This lure is AMAZING. This lure is ideal in early spring after the ice goes out and the bass come into the shallows pre spawn. I used this lure in the flake hot blue (got this color in store) and caught 60+ nice bass and a 13.7lb northern pike in 2 1/2 hours. The price is somewhat steep but if you use heavy tackle and strong line you shouldn't lose one. They cast a mile on braid mono and flourish and have EXTREMELY nice hooks out of the box, DO NOT REPLACE THEM. I lost one of them to a 15lb+ pike, broke my line, using only 8lb test for bass, didn't expect the hog pike. The one I have now has nearly no paint on it but still catches emblem. Another Goood bait from Rapala, suggest one to anybody.

From: Lex: Stearns, MN

Comments: Another good lure by Rapala. However, it's nothing special. Sure it catches fish, has nice action, does everything you'd expect from a Rapala. It is a bit overpriced, and seems to be Rapala's way of keeping up with the market of ever more pricey lures finding their way into everyone's tackle boxes. But still, a good lure. It just doesn't do anymore than a flat rap, an xrap, or the Husky Jerk - which are all about 8 dollars cheaper.

From: Eric: MI

Comments: They cast a mile and have a great action. They twitch well and are a great looking lure. Over priced and in my opinion I think an X Rap would do the same job. Might excel in lakes with smelt or slender bait fish. 

From: Nathan: Kingston, Ontario Canada

Comments: i use it last spring first time for European lake trouts,  one cast, one twitch one hit one trout! a nice 26inc fish!

From: Meier: Switzerland

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