Rapala Tournament Ruler 21" - $18.99

When money is on the line or you need to be sure just for bragging rights, the tournament-approved Rapala Tournament Ruler will measure each fish precisely and accurately. Offered in easy to read inches and centimeters, and constructed out of a very durable plastic composite, it also includes a convenient mounting bracket/holder. The Rapala Tournament Ruler is proudly made in the USA.


Comments: great ruler works great and is accurate. Never went into weigh in with a short fish. The mount is perfect because it stays out of your way and you don't have to go digging into a storage compartment to find it. It's always right there at your hands and ready to go. Don't waste time in a tournament and don't go in with short fish. Buy this ruler.

From: Logan: Hamburg, PA

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Rapala Tournament Ruler 21

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