Rapala Ultra Light Crank

Rapala Ultra Light Crank

Designed to offer big action in a small bait, the Rapala Ultra Light Crank is perfect for tough fishing conditions or when fish are keying on smaller bait. It delivers an enticing wobbling and rolling action, and dives quickly to the 8ft range. It's buoyant body also allows it to easily back out of cover when paused. Small in size, the Rapala Ultra Light Crank is weighted to cast like baits 2-3 times its size. External body scales and holographic eyes complete the illusion.

-Weighted body
-Diving lip design
-Wobbling, rolling action
-External scales
-3D holographic eyes
-#10 Black nickel VMC hooks
-Hand tuned & tank tested

Rapala Length Weight Class Depth
Ultra Light Crank 1-1/2" 1/8oz Floating 4-8ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great lure really good for targeting big & small fish in small ponds, lakes & more. I have been crushing small perch & trout as well as some bigger species with this bait. I would have liked a few more colours but overall it would be a great addition to anyone's box

From: Nick: Nagambie, Victoria Austraila

Comments: With a length of only 1.5 inches, the Rapala Ultra Light Crank is an excellent forage imitation when largemouth bass are feeding on any sort of baby bait fish, like bluegills or shad. The finish on the lure is very high quality, especially when it comes to the realistic eyes. The size 10 hooks are a bit too small for my preferences, so I replaced them with two size 8 hooks, including a VMC Sure Set tail hook. On the Shad color, I have caught largemouth bass up to 21 inches as well as crappie, red ears, and bluegills in the 12 inch range. As requested by other reviewers, more colors are needed, including on in the Rapala Bluegill pattern.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ 5/31/14

Comments: Great lure! I work it in around 5 ft deep water and bump it off rocks and stumps, great for smallmouth and crappie!

From: Jared: Red Wing MN

Comments: Caught a 5 pounder the other day, I would like to see more colors come out.

From: Cesar: SoCal

Comments: Great lure!!!  I've caught some big gills, talking 10" gills and big some big crappie!  Last time out I caught smallmouth,largemouth, white bass, bluegill and crappie all on this crank bait.  would definetly recommend.

From: John: Columbus, oH

Comments: More colors please

From: George: Dawsonville, PA

Comments: Amazing little lure! Caught myself a Rainbow Trout (about 30cm) out of a local lake where my other lures just get snubbed. Casts well for a really light lure, and the action in the water is perfect. Using the Brown Trout colour.

From: Bill: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

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