Reaction Innovations Big Unit 9.50 10pk - $4.79

Reaction Innovations' soft plastics have taken the bass fishing world by storm! The reason for their wild success is obvious when you look at their baits. The plastic is soft and flexible but tough enough to stay up on the hook where you put it. They are loaded with salt for the natural taste a bass needs to hold on longer, and their unique designs are unlike anything else on the market today. But maybe the biggest reason for their success with fishermen and with the fish are the fantastic colors they are able to put into these baits. Noted bass pro and owner of Reaction Innovations, Andre Moore, has the on-the-water experience and bass catching know-how to design the right bait and produce the right colors to consistently catch fish. The 9.50" Big Unit worm is no exception. These worms feature the great colors and the right dimensions to attract fish and get bit. Over half the length of the worm is the tail, with a big curl that translates into plenty of action when you work the bait. If you're looking for a big worm, the Big Unit is here!

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9.5" 10
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Reaction Innovations Big Unit 9.50 10pk

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  • Black/Red Flake
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  • Delicious
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  • Hematoma
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  • Hot Tamale
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  • Junebug
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  • Magic Craw Swirl
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  • Road Kill
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  • Rythum&Blues
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  • Sprayed Grass
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  • Watermelon Green Pumpkin
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Comments: This worm pretty much rocks. Doesnt just catch 14 pounders, you will catch all sizes of bass on it. Great for covering water.

From: Meatwad

Comments: no doubt the best worm on the market today,bar none, often immatated but never duplicated..

From: Goodogg: Natchitoches, LA

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