Looking for a new flip bait? These tubes are currently taking the California tournament circuits by storm. The Reaction Innovations Dominator Series Boom-Boom Tubes have put Robert Lee in the winner's circle more than once, and they can do the same for you. They are poured with a super-soft, super-salty plastic that will move off of the hook when flippin' to gaurentee a solid hook-up. A lot of guys loose fish when flippin' tubes; however, with the Boom-Boom Tubes from Reaction Innovations you will be swingin' more fish and cashin' more checks. Find a favorite color and go flippin'!

Tube Jig Heads

Length Quantity
5" 9

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Wow what happened to their quality control ? I bought three packs of these and ended up throwing two of them away. The ones I could salvage had to be worked over with an exacto blade to separate the tails, and the colors even within the same bag were nowhere close to consistent. Not tackle warehouses fault, and not worth the hassle of returning. unhappy customers.

From: Jeff: CA 2/2/15

Comments: I have been using these tubes for almost 10 years now and they attract fish and big fish. Only issue I have is that Road Kill is no longer available in the 5" version.

From: RM: Brooklyn, NY 4/22/14

Comments: These tubes have won sooo much money out West. Nobody comes close to the softness and scent on a Boom Boom out of the package. The problem? You  can never find them. RI makes wonderful stuff, but is terrible at keeping their vendors supplied. I still use my tubes I have left, but most all the good colors are out of stock.

From: Chris: SoCal

Comments: very soft tubes. RI needs to expand their markets and make a smaller version of these for us northern guys

From: Alex: PA

Comments: reaction innnovation makes some of the best baits in the world next time you are looking for some great plastics get some reaction innovation you wont be sorry

From: Trey: AL

Comments: Best Tubes Ever!!!

From: Terry: Roscommon, MI

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