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Looking for a new flip bait? These tubes are currently taking the California tournament circuits by storm. The Reaction Innovations Dominator Series Boom-Boom Tubes have put Robert Lee in the winner's circle more than once, and they can do the same for you. They are poured with a super-soft, super-salty plastic that will move off of the hook when flippin' to gaurentee a solid hook-up. A lot of guys loose fish when flippin' tubes; however, with the Boom-Boom Tubes from Reaction Innovations you will be swingin' more fish and cashin' more checks. Find a favorite color and go flippin'!

Tube Jig Heads

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5" 9

Comments: I have been using these tubes for almost 10 years now and they attract fish and big fish. Only issue I have is that Road Kill is no longer available in the 5" version.

From: RM: Brooklyn, NY 4/22/14

Comments: These tubes have won sooo much money out West. Nobody comes close to the softness and scent on a Boom Boom out of the package. The problem? You  can never find them. RI makes wonderful stuff, but is terrible at keeping their vendors supplied. I still use my tubes I have left, but most all the good colors are out of stock.

From: Chris: SoCal

Comments: very soft tubes. RI needs to expand their markets and make a smaller version of these for us northern guys

From: Alex: PA

Comments: reaction innnovation makes some of the best baits in the world next time you are looking for some great plastics get some reaction innovation you wont be sorry

From: Trey: AL

Comments: Best Tubes Ever!!!

From: Terry: Roscommon, MI

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Reaction Innovations Boom-Boom Tubes 9pk

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