The Reaction Strike 2RC Crankbait provides everything that an angler looks for in a well-designed crankbait. Covered with a durable multi-layer paint job and fabricated with state-of-the-art molding, the Reaction Strike 2RC crankbait is made to withstand the rigorous demands of bass fishing. In addition, the Reaction Strike 2RC Crankbait is equipped with recessed 3D eyes and a uniquely shaped bill that prevents snags and generates superb deflections. Fitted with two razor sharp Japanese treble hooks and premium split rings, the bulbous body of the Reaction Strike 2RC was designed with non-tangling hook positioning to create an efficient and lethal presentation. Available in a variety of fish catching colors, the Reaction Strike 2RC Crankbait is complete with an enhanced sound chamber that gets fish drooling

Reaction Strike Length Weight Depth Class
2RC 2.0 2" 1/4oz 4-8ft Floating
2RC 3.0 2" 1/4oz 8-12ft Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: WOW, all i can say about these special crankbaits by Reaction Strike! This company is pretty small and doesn't have a huge selection of baits but this is my favorite crankbait for fishing ledges, i personally use the 3.0 and fish 10-15 foot ledges. Everything about this bait is perfect and true! Great summertime and Wintertime ledge fishing bait! The best part about this lure is the price!! SOOOOO CHEAAAAP for such a killer bait! Goodluck and get these bad boys

From: John: NY 6/19/15

Comments: very impressed with my purchase of the 3.0s. Run true and the hooks are sharp! I wish TW would carry the 1.0s, it's the sqaurebill version of these, they have an amazing hunting action.

From: Kyle: OH 4/23/14

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