Reaction Strike Popping Revolution Frog - $5.29

The Reaction Strike Popping Revolution Frog allows bass fishermen to present an ultra realistic frog in a more aggressive popping presentation. Designed by Reaction Strike’s pro staff, the Popping Revolution Frog is built for success. Thanks to its weedless design, the Popping Revolution Frog gurgles and pops effortlessly around weedbeds, lilypads, limbs and stumps.  Easy to fish in places other lures can’t go, you will be sure to pull heavy hitters out of the thickest cover. Available in array of colors, the Reaction Strike Popping Revolution Frog is a largemouth bass catching machine.

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Popping Revolution Frog 2" 3/8oz
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Reaction Strike Popping Revolution Frog

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  • Albino
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  • Brown Midnight
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  • Midnight
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  • Moss Yellow
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  • Mud Brown
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  • Sexy
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Comments: This is one of the best popping frogs out there it actually spits water not just blob and for the money it catches them espicailly open water or up around trees and over logs places you can't throw regular poppers good bait

From: Luvtofish: SC 4/24/15

Comments: I was in the market for some good cheaper popping frogs and these seem like they would fit the bill. I was wrong these things suck. all of the ones I had sank after 3 casts and then I had to squeeze out the water and then in another 3 casts same thing so don't get these get the booyah ones they are so much better and they don't sink.

From: Luc: sharon pa

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