Unlike other screw-lock shaky heads on the market, the Reaction Strike Porky’s Revenge Shaky Head 4/0 is specifically designed to allow you to Tex-pose your baits, as opposed to using the standard Texas-rig method.  This means the hook has far less plastic to penetrate for quality hooksets.  Designed by FLW Tour pro, Sean Hoernke (also known as the “Hoern Toad” by fellow competitors), he used the Reaction Strike Porky’s Revenge Shaky Head to win two FLW Tour Titles.  Equipped with a 4/0 hook, the Reaction Strike Porky’s Revenge Shaky Head 4/0 is perfect for smaller diameter baits like 4-inch worms.

6 per pack

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: The key to success for a shaky head jig with a spiral shaped capture head is that it be equal to or below the hookpoint - this allows a better and more effecient hookset through soft plastics because the hook point angle is better . This Reaction Strike offering adheres to this design philosophy well plus coupled with a low profile line tie (albeit a 90 degree is less desirable than a 60 degree) comes through obstacles well and doesn't attract debris . Although the brand hook used is not listed - it is a good quality , sharp , light wire hook ideal with a 4.5 ~ 5.0 inch soft plastic worm of your choice ... I believe a 1/8 oz. size in the color of your choice will cover most of your shaky head needs - lastly you get 6 per pack which makes this a very good deal ! Thank you for the excellent design Sean - a confidence builder for sure that catches fish ...

From: Chris: Acworth , GA.

Comments: I finally found a good head, this one works!

From: Jerry: GA

Comments: Good hook and works well.

From: Leeds, AL

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