Reins Craw Tube 4" 6pk

Reins Craw Tube 4

One part craw, one part tube, the Reins Craw Tube delivers all of the action of a traditional tube bait combined with a crawfish profile. Whether you’re pitching it, flipping it, or Texas-rigging it, the Reins Craw Tube features ribbing along the body and a flattened bottom that produces an appetizing gliding action backed by tremendous vibration. 

Additionally, if anglers desire a more traditional tube bait presentation, the arms on the Reins Craw Tube can simply be clipped off. Available in a number of proven colors, the Reins Craw Tube delivers a deadly mix of pulsing and flailing action that will make a welcomed addition to any angler’s tacklebox.  

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8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Definitely a fan of this bait. Will produce when other texts rigged plastics won't.
Stands up at rest which is key for working fish in thick cover.

From: Mike: Sims Valley, CA 3/3/16

Comments: Best flipping tube on the market when you take off the arms. Don't like the arms on the bait but is nasty without. Has very nice glide action and hook up percentage is much better than any other tube. Favorite color, green pumpkin silver! This color rocks!

From: Pete: Homer, LA 7/23/15

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