Reins Swamp Mover

Reins Swamp Mover

The Reins Swamp Mover worms are super soft with a new slab sided body, which quiver and shake at the slightest rod twitch. The Reins Swamp Movers feature a flat back with indentation and a unique tail design that keeps fish interested. Rein's Swamp Movers are the way to go when a finesse approach is needed. Salt infused and shrimp scented, the Swamp Mover's tantalizing action will surely enitce those hard to catch suspended bass.

Length Quantity
4.5" 7
6.5" 6

5 Colors

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    Model No. RNSM4507-002
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4.5" 5+ $5.49
    6.5" 5+ $5.99
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    Model No. RNSM6507-005
    Green Pumpkin Blue
    Size Stock Price Qty
    6.5" 9/30 $5.99
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    Model No. RNSM4507-004
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4.5" 2 $5.49
    6.5" 09/22 $5.99
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    Model No. RNSM4507-025
    Watermelon Red Flake
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4.5" 1 $5.49
    6.5" 5 $5.99
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    Model No. RNSM4507-001
    Watermelon Seed
    Size Stock Price Qty
    4.5" 4 $5.49

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love the 6.5" for neko rigging. Best weight is 3/16 reins tungsten nail sinker. Can fish this 20ft plus with light line. Largemouth can't stand it. Will out fish shaky head and drop shot

From: Steve: CA 7/23/15

Comments: Great magnum shaky head worm!

From: Bill: Quitman,TX

Comments: tried the 6.5 on a biffle head and it out fished my buddy's 10 inch worm on barkley

From: Max: Gracey, KY

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