Reins TG Tungsten Slip Sinker

Japan's top tungsten company is now in the USA. The Reins TG Tungsten Slip Sinkers are composed of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel alloy, making them 1.8 times as dense as lead and 40% smaller than their lead counterparts. These characteristics combined with Reins precisely designed shapes translate into easier penetration of cover and less hang-ups on bottom structure, as well as, increased sensitivity. Reins also uses an inner core system to protect your line from frays because nobody wants to lose a big fish due to line wear from their sinker. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, the Reins TG Tungsten Slip Sinkers deliver the ultimate in performance.

1/16oz, 3/32oz - 5 per pack
1/8oz - 4 per pack
1/4oz, 5/16oz - 3 per pack
3/8oz, 7/16oz - 2 per pack

3 Colors

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    Model No. RNTGSS116BLK
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz5pk 5+ $6.99
    3/32oz5pk 5+ $6.99
    1/8oz4pk 3/17 $6.99
    3/16oz4pk 10+ $6.99
    1/4oz3pk 10+ $6.99
    5/16oz3pk 10+ $7.99
    3/8oz2pk 10+ $7.99
    7/16oz2pk 10+ $7.99
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    Model No. RNTGSS116GRNP
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz5pk 5+ $6.99
    3/32oz5pk 5+ $6.99
    1/8oz4pk 5 $6.99
    3/16oz4pk 10+ $6.99
    1/4oz4pk 10+ $6.99
    5/16oz3pk 10+ $7.99
    3/8oz2pk 10+ $7.99
    7/16oz2pk 10+ $7.99
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    Model No. RNTGSS116
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16oz5pk 1 $6.99
    3/32oz5pk 5+ $6.99
    1/8oz4pk 1 $6.99
    1/4oz3pk Sold Out $6.99
    5/16oz3pk 5+ $7.99
    3/8oz2pk 5+ $7.99
    7/16oz2pk 5+ $7.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They don't get any better than Reins! They are smaller than other weights & are perfect for the flipping we do at Lake Okeechobee, the Kissimee Chain & all of the Florida lakes. It is the only tungsten I would ever use.

From: Bill: Homosassa, FL 7/6/16

Comments: Reins is the only weights I use. They have awesome matte finishes and one of the only weights with an insert to keep your line from being cut into. They have a large number of weight sizes and colors. Simply Awesome!

From: Tommy: Jackson, GA 1/19/16

Comments: There weights are great.  They have a insert which means you don't have to worry about the tungsten cutting your line. Best Tungsten on the market IMHO.

From: Travis: Bloomington, IN 12/22/15

Comments: Best Weights I have ever used. The insert is great & stays in place. Small & compact.

From: Eric: Nineveh, IN 12/19/15

Comments: Reins slip sinkers are the highest quality tungsten available. Super durable inserts & finish combined with 95% pure tungsten make Reins the only one for me when big money is on the line! 

From: Randall: Port St. Joe, FL 12/17/15

Comments: I've been extremely pleased for years now with the durability of these weights. The paint job holds up for a lot longer than other models I've used. The insert also helps a lot with cutting down on line damage. Great product!

From: Destin: PA 12/16/15

Comments: weights are pricey but definitely the best tungsten out there. Smallest most unique shape & I dig the matte finishes

From: Mike: Rutland, VT 9/9/15

Comments: Randall Tharp Just won $500,000 and Reins is all he uses! Highest quality weight made!

From: Duane: Pinckney, Mi. USA

Comments: I have tried many tungsten weights but they all either did not have a insert or one that did not do the job and I kept breaking off fish do to the weight causing a weak spot in my line.Then I tried Reins and my line brakage is next to non.I know they are more exspensive but you loose less fish.We buy the best rods and reels and boats but then we buy cheap bullet weights to save a buck or two.In the long run Reins saves you money and if you are a tournament fisherman it puts more pay checks in your pocket.

From: Erick: Richmond Va. USA

Comments: these are top quality, the inserts are super clean unlike some other brands. These will not bind on your knot either. By far the best I've used

From: Eric: NV

Comments: glued in inserts, a must! #1 tungsten on the Japanese market! And those guys only fish the finest quality.

From: Kirk: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: Best Tungsten weights on the market, period!

From: Bill: Palatka, FL

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