Reins TG Tungsten Slip Sinker Heavy Weight

Japan's top tungsten company is now in the USA. Offering a wide range of heavier sizes, Reins TG Tungsten Heavy Weight Slip Sinkers are composed of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel alloy, making them 1.8 times as dense as lead, and 40% smaller than their lead counterparts. These characteristics combined with Reins precisely designed shapes translate into easier penetration of cover and fewer hang-ups on bottom structure, as well as, increased sensitivity. Reins also uses an inner core system to protect your line from frays because nobody wants to lose a big fish due to line wear from their sinker. Available in black, green pumpkin and plain, the Reins TG Tungsten Slip Sinkers deliver the ultimate in performance.

1/2oz - 2 per pack
3/4oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 2.5oz - 1 per pack

3 Colors

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    Model No. TGSSHVBLK12
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/2oz 10+ $8.99
    3/4oz 10+ $7.49
    1 oz 10+ $8.99
    1.2oz 3+ $9.99
    1 1/2oz 10+ $11.99
    2oz 10+ $15.99
    2.5oz 5+ $19.99
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    Model No. TGSSHVGRNP12
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/2oz 10+ $8.99
    3/4oz 10+ $7.49
    1 oz 10+ $8.99
    1.2oz 3+ $9.99
    1 1/2oz 10+ $11.99
    2oz 5 $15.99
    2.5oz Out $19.99
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    Model No. TGSSHV34
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/4oz Sold Out $7.49
    1 oz Sold Out $8.99
    1 1/2oz Sold Out $11.99
    2oz 5+ $15.99
    2.5oz 2 $19.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Been using these wights for some time now, good as any, priced a little high. Have had the insert fall out when still brand new, had to superglue it.

From: Tim: Delta, CA 1/10/16

Comments: By far this is the best Tungsten punch weights I have used. I depend on flipping techniques a lot in Texas, so not having to worry about my weights not cutting my braid or penetrating grass mats is a huge advantage.

From: Corey: TX 12/21/15

Comments: Reins Heavy Weight Sinkers are the highest quality sinkers available today. They offer the most durable inserts & finish and come in a wide rage of weights to get the job done. The fact that reins sinkers are 95% pure tungsten means they are smaller than the competition & a smaller, more compact weight means more fish in my boat!       

From: Randall: Port St. Joe, FL 12/17/15

Comments: These tungsten weights are everything I wanted in a heavy flipping weight! Paint doesn't chip, I've never had frayed or broken lines from the insert since I've switched to Reins!

From: Todd: Valdosta, GA 12/16/15

Comments: I want to thank Reins for making a punching weight that has a small profile with a durable finish. I can't say enough about the insert that they use. Not once have I had a line break from the weight. Super product!

From: Troy: Avon, IN 12/16/15

Comments: Awesome weights! They are the only ones I use. They are very small and slip through the grass easily but the best thing I like about them is the insert that protects your line from being frayed by the tungsten.

From: JT: Palm Bay, FL 12/16/15

Comments: Finally someone has mad e the new standard of quality tungsten weights! No chipped paint, no frayed or broken lines; and heavy 2.5oz size for punching plastics through thick vegetation mats. I like these heavy weights and would not mind a extra heavy 3oz size for the jungle.

From: William: Thomaston, GA 11/03/14

Comments: The Reins Tungsten weights are the best I have tried so far. And I use a lot of them. The finish does not come off like the other weights on the market. The weight is actually smaller compared to the others since they have a higher amount of tungsten unlike the fillers from the other guys. And the insert is really nice to have.

From: Johnny: San Marcos Tx.

Comments: Best tungsten out there right now, smallest per size, cool matte finish and line insert is a must, finally a sinker that you don't have accidental break offs

From: Dave: Palm City, FL

Comments: The line insert is really nice, don't have to worry about fraying the line like try tungsten. Seems like these weights are smaller compared to other tungsten companies with the same size weight. Finish is really nice and durable

From: Mike: Hot Springs, AR

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