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The Renosky Jr’s Super Frog gives anglers not one, not two, but three different, yet equally effective frog profiles to get bass biting. Whether you're fishing the foam memory feet, creature skirt, or buzz feet, the Renosky Jr's Super Frog is built with a quick change button shaft that allows them to pop on-and-off with ease. Each of these options excel in different scenarios, and when utilized together they can call bass up in any conditions. Armed with a razor-sharp double frog hook, the Renosky Jr’s Super Frog is like getting three frogs in one.

Foam Memory Feet: Perfect for fishing slowly through heavy cover, the foam memory feet create a lifelike swimming action that bass just can’t resist. For best results, fish the Renosky Jr’s Super Frog  and the foam memory feet with a slow stop-and-go retrieve to cause them to kick back, and then tuck underneath like a real frog.

Creature Skirt: Designed for a slightly faster retrieve, the creature skirt option for the Renosky Jr’s Super Frog provides a great deal of pulsating action that replicates appearance of a mouse or small creature. This profile is also perfect for walking the dog and can be used with a stop-and-go retrieve as well.

 Renosky Jr's Length Weight
 Super Frog  2-1/2" 1/4oz

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Renosky Jr's Super Frog

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