Revenge Football Jig Hedz

msrp: $5.19

These Revenge Football Hedz are perfect right out of the box for any application you need a football head for. Whether you want to tie your own jigs or use it with Assalt Spyder Grubs or Yamamoto hula Grubs the big, 60 degree round bend Mustad Ultra Point Black nickel hook will help you keep the fish you hook on the line. the 30 strand weedguard extends well past the hook point and is ready for you to trim to your desired length. There is a deep collar molded into the base of the head that will keep your skirts in place if you tie your own jigs and a keeper to hold plastic trailers in place. The multi-colored finish on the heads is chip resistant and adds to the overall great appearance of the Revenge Football Hedz. Team up the Revenge Football Jig Hedz with your own custom skirt creations from the following manufacturers on our Customizing page.

Revenge Jigs are proudly made in the USA

1/4oz and 1/2oz 3 per pack
3/4oz and 1oz 2 per pack

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like these jig heads. Hooks are great. May be slightly less sharp than a Gamakatsu, but the point will not roll as easily whan you snag.

From: Dave: CA

Comments: the jig itself is good, great design, but you have to sharpen the hook offten, a mustad hook wouldnt make a good earring.

From: Jack: WI

Comments: love this jig. Just wish they had Owner or Gmakatsu hooks on them because I hate Mustad

From: Michael: Meatpie

Comments: i like the jig head, paint holds up well. wish i could get the mold to make my own becasue im not a fan of mustad hooks.

From: Jason: Wisconsin, USa

Comments: This jig head with the Mustad hook is great. The angle of the eye and and the hook give me great hook sets. I also like the different colors which are very durable. The ONLY jig I use when I make my own.

From: Brian: Bean Station, TN

Comments:Not a bad jig head. Only complaint is that the eye is small so threading the Palomar knot isn't easy.

From:Tyler: Virginia, USA

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