Revenge Tail Spinners

Revenge Baits may be making the BEST Tail Spinner on the market today. These baits feature the realistic shape and natural details found on the Revenge Baits Jigging Spoons along with a shiny, nickel plated spinner blade. The unique 'Shade-Shifting' paints shimmer in the water like real baitfish and attract plenty of attention when you swim your bait through schools of bass in deep water. The blades found on the Revenge Tail Spinner are thin and cupped perfectly for maximum spin, even with short movements of the bait. These baits are correctly balanced for maximum action and minimal line twist. The Revenge Tail Spinners feature an ultra-sharp Mustad black nickel hook and is ready to fish right out of the package.

Revenge Baits are proudly made in the USA.

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great bait. I got a couple and took them to fish spotted bay bass. Caught my first fish burning it back after i thought it fouled on a cast. My next 5 casts produced 3 fish. With a 7:1 cured I can't turn the handle fast enough to keep fish off of it. I plan on having similar results when fishing largemouth & stripers on shad, though I might slow my retrieve slightly.

From: Zeek: San Diego, CA 11/2/15

Comments: Excellent bait, very good feel and overall great quality.  I would definitely recommend this bait, it has produced very well for me time and again!

From: Mark: Cary, NC

Comments: Looks great, but something is wrong with the engineering.  Like Brad said, it doesn't fall right.  The whole lure helicopters instead of falling straight with the tail spinning.  Just bought 4 and regret it.  Can't figure out how to make this thing work.

From: Kevin: Plano, TX

Comments: My only complaint is when they sink, they do in a spiral and line twist is horrible with these baits.  Everything else is good, paint job, hook and blade are great.  Within a few casts my line was super twisted and almost not castable.  I don't remember having this problem with little georges. 

From: Brad: Louisville, KY

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