Riot Baits Streaker Swimbait - $4.49

Put fish into an all-out feeding frenzy with the tantalizing action of the Riot Baits Streaker Swimbait. Designed with a slender baitfish profile, the Riot Baits Streaker Swimbait features uni-directional scaling and a ribbed tail that ensures a strong kicking action - even with a super-slow retrieve.

Built with a hook slot on the bottom and a recessed center line along the spine, the Riot Baits Streaker Swimbait keeps the hook point concealed, but ready to strike at a moments notice. Get on a hot streak this season with the one-and-only Riot Baits Streaker Swimbait.

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Riot Baits Streaker Swimbait

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  • Alewife
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  • Blue Steel
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  • Sultry Shiner
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  • Sunny Bug
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  • White Knight
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Comments: These swimbaits are too big for an A-rig in my opinion, but as a singular swimbait, these rock. They cast a mile and are way more durable than they should be. They hold up to vegetation and multiple bass. Their action is much better than the Skinny Dipper's, especially at slower speeds. They are also killer on deep clear water reservoirs. I  trim them down about 1" and place them on a 1/2-3/4 Revenge Swimbait jighead. Cast them out and let them sink to the bottom, then slow roll it back to the boat. You are guaranteed to get slammed.

From: Jacob: Clinton, NJ 3/2/15

Comments: Love these swim baits, i mainly use them on my A-Rigs, but i also like to put them on VMC weighted swim bait hooks, holds up well to multiple fish, and great slow rolling action!!!

From: Zombie: Charelston, TN 1/19/15

Comments: I have to say this is one of the more versitale swimbaits out there! Weedless through the grass, burned in open water, or attached to your favorite umbrella rig. All around success with the streaker!

From: Tootie: Hopatcong, NJ 7/3/14

Comments: I've been throwing these in the White Knight and Alewife colors on Lake Guntersville this summer and have had great success. I rig them with a weighted 5/0 swimbait hook.

From: Lee: Madison, AL 6/30/14

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