The River2Sea Bully Wa is perfect for fishing on top of matted weeds and trash mats. The unique keel shaped design allows the Bully Way to walk over open water with ease, and the bead feature on its belly, as well as, an enhanced water seal around the hook shanks, minimizes the amount of water that enters during the retrieve, yet allows air to escape on the hookset. Also equipped with a super sharp Gamakatsu EWG Double Hook, the Bully Wa's soft body and hook placement give it one of the deepest hook gaps of any frog on the market. The line tie is also angled to aid in open water walking. Available in multiple colors, the River2Sea Bully Wa is one of the most versatile frogs on the market. 

River2Sea Length Weight
Bully Wa 45 1-3/4" 1/5oz
Bully Wa 55 2-1/4" 7/16oz
Bully Wa 65 2-1/2" 5/8oz
Bully Wa 75 3" 3/4oz

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Unique subtle action on this frog.  Good on pressured water as it has less of a presence both on mats and in open water.  Hook up ratio has more to do with the rod and line than anything.  50+ lb braid always and Powell Max Frog rod = anything that eats it comes to the boat and anything under 3 lbs that eats it comes to the boat while helicoptering through the air at 25mph. He he he. Took 2cnd on a rainy day with this frog with a bag of smallmouth off a deep rip rap bank in a lake with no vegetation.... Also if you do not fish frogs or do not know how to fish topwater baits you will not do well with this frog or any other frog.

From: Derek: OH 5/28/14

Comments: ne best frogs on the market i give it a solid 9 on quality compared to koppers frogs. never had a problem with mine the plastic is nice and soft action is great couldnt ask for more for the price.i also like the front view of the frog so you can see the color of the belly.

From: Chris: CA

Comments: Of ALL the frogs that I have thrown, this is by far my most favorite frog to throw. It works well in cover but the action that you will get in open water is where this really shines. The keel shape on this frog make "walking the frog" easier to do than ever! No altercations are needed, but if you want to never lose a fish then bend out the hooks to get them barely off of the body, this will maximize your hook up ratio greatly! Keep in mind, if you do so it will hinder the ability to fish the frog in cover as well. Great frog for any condition!

From: Adam: Jackson, Mo

Comments: Good action, hook ups and durability. I had used the ghost color which has taken a beating on the finish but still floats and catches fish. I have noticed some of the other colors fill with water, probably easy to fix though. One real problem with these is I've hooked a few fish in the throat. For some reason it flips over when the fish take it deep and they can get hooked in the gills. A fish killer for sure! For that I hesitate to use it as much.

From: Joel: MI

Comments: my all time favorite popping frog hook up ratio is about 9/10 and that's really good for a hollow body frog!!

From: Hunter: Choctaw Oklahoma

Comments: If you don't mind pulling weeds off a weedless frog and emptying it of water every cast, then this is the frog for you. It snags on every piece of grass, but it had an ok walking action in open water. Buy Koppers Live Target instead.

From: Jack: MN, U.S.

Comments: These do fill with water easily so they require a little extra maintenance, but bass eat 'em and they're soft as hell so good hookup ratio. 

From: Seth" Spokane, WA

Comments: fills up with water easily dont reccomend

From: Durn: CA

Comments: The best for snakehead!!!

From: Fadzil: Malaysia

Comments: Nice frog, wont get water in it and very durable. Within the first ten minutes of using it i had a three pound bass in the boat.

From: Evan: IA

Comments: The one I had, the weight fell off of it in open water. There are much better frogs on the market in my opinion.

From: Mike: SoCal

Comments: Great frog!!! Walks easy and handles the thick Stuff real easy. Would recommend to everyone.

From: CA

Comments: Love the keel design b/c its easy to walk the frog from 80ft way w/ an extra fast tip rod.  65lb power pro and heavy rod a must.  I agree the paint and plastic are not near as durable as the Spro but the 'walk' soooo much better so I stick with them.

From: Adam: Phila, PA

Comments: Bought the copper green 65, and it was very disappointing from the start. Fills up with water very quickly and sinks. I drained the water after every cast, it still sinks. There are much better frogs on the market!!!

From: Mike: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: I dont like this frog it does not have good action ill stick with koppers and spro

From: Mike: Akron, OH

Comments: Great action and hook ups, paint isnt durable at all though i recomend overall.

From: Trey: FL

Comments: Great design on this Wa Frog...have had a much better hookup ratio on the strikes i've gotten using this frog as compared to other hollow body brands.  But all the missed strikes i've had while fishing hollow body frogs is obviously just because of my fishing ability, or lack there of, and not because of the frogs themselves.  Right Dean from BC Canada?? haha

From: Chase: Hutchinson, KS

Comments: The best frog,easy hook up,soft body & very sharp hook.

From: Nelz: Malaysia

Comments: i fish the 1 3/4 in frog and cathch tons. with the smaller frog you get more hits and better hookups than you would with a biger one

Comments: best frog i have ever used

From: Cody: Antioch, CA

Comments:  The reviews on hollow body frogs should be looked at as being strongly influenced by the anglers ability. Frog fishing is not easy. People blame the frog but more often then not it is the person working the frog that is the problem.

From: Dean: British Colombia, Canada

Comments: river2sea product's are some of the best produced. this frog is right up there with most of the top name brands. i just received the new larry dahlberg 'diving frog' by river2sea and this beauty will change your mind about what is the BEST frog sold. dahlberg is the most innovative lure designer alive and his lures/fly's attest to it. the workmanship on this frog is exquisite thank's to river2sea. the frog is a bit pricey compared to the other's on the market but so are my shimano reel's in the same context. itwill not take on water because it's solid and each frog comes with an extra set of leg's. spend a few buck's more and see for yourself. thank you larry, you did it again. just like your dahlberg diver bass/pike fly, this frog is the best!

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: This is my favorite frog on the market.  Super soft, collapses easily and sticky sharp Gamakatsu hooks.  I have caught over 20 fish on the same frog.  

From: Ted: Blair, NE

Comments: Notice how each person says something different.  It all comes down to how each angler works the bait.  If it takes on water just give it a squeeze and its like new again.  Most frogs will take on water at some point in the day, but no bait is 100% all of the time.

From: Jim: California, USA

Comments: I love this frog due to it's "keel" and available color patterns. Some say it takes on water--mine does, especially when it's due to a largemouth breaking the surface! Great lure, and very sharp hooks! No issues here.

From: Daniel: Spokane, Wa

Comments: This frog is by far, the best in positive hookset ratio. Even if I tried lots of frogs from several manufacturers and brands, and still love snagproof products, this frog gave me the best hookset ratio for 3 years now. Copper green is the most versatile color for a lot of situations, and my preferred color in sunny days is the lemon lime one. Best size for me 2.5"

From: Fab: France

Comments: I love the price of this frog, but the paint peels off pretty quick. Also it takes on water. Body is more durable than Spro. Still looking for the perfect frog.

From: Bob: Marion, IN

Comments: Too soft of a body go with the spr bronze eye!!

From: Justin

Comments: I believe this is the best frog made.  Multiple sizes for all lakes and situations. It's hard to brag about a bait that I don't want the competition to know I'm using.

Comments:  I think these frogs are some of the best on the market !!! Super easy to walk, durable, and I have very rarely ever had an issue with these frogs taking on water. Couldn't be happier....these frogs rock !!!

From: Jeff: Merced, CA

Comments:  Well, for what its worth, I LOVE them, multiple fish over 5#s on the same frog with little damage, Ilove em.


Comments:The guy commenting before me is right. I got the yellow headed blackbird color for Clearlake and the Delta but when working the frog, popping it, and making it splash and dart, it starts to take on ALOT of water and sink. Every Cast.

From:Anthony: Windsor, CA

Comments:Don't get the idea here. Rolls whenever it hits weeds, and if you pop it too hard it loses its action.

From:Bob: Louisiana, USA

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