The River2Sea's Cranky M is a versatile, medium depth floating crankbait that gives anglers the ability to retrieve the lure at any speed, but is especially deadly when retrieved at blazing speeds, as Cranky M stays true, but "hunts" slightly on its track. Cranky M is durable and built to withstand the rigors of competition.

The River2Sea Cranky M Cranklbait features a coffin lip to assist in deflecting the bait off cover, while its tight wiggle mimics the frantic actions of a fleeing baitfish. River2Sea's exclusive Tungsten Force rattle system creates a ruckus to attract game fish. As with our other products, this dynamic new lure family features ultra sharp Daiichi premium treble hooks that grab hold when they strike.

River2Sea Length Weight Depth Class Hooks
Cranky M65 2.6" 3/8oz 0-6ft Floating #4 Daiichi (BN) Treble
Cranky M88 3.5" 1oz 0-8ft Floating #2 Daiichi (BN) Treble

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this lure based on the reviews and was not disapointed.  Fished the smaller baby bass color and caught several white bass and a few largemouth on just a steady retrieve.  The hooks were sharp and did their job holding fish.  All of my fish were caught at night.

From: Frank: Salado, Tx

Comments: Tonight was my first night using the Cranky M. Got it in Aurora black. Was throwing every I could at dusk, no takers. As soon as I switched to this lure, I was gettin hit like crazy. Landed three good size ones when it was pitch black out. Great rattle, great action, fish stay on the hooks. Will be buying more definitely

From: Jared: CA

Comments: I have four of these, and all of them have run perfectly, no matter how fast I burn them.  They cast a mile and they catch bass like crazy.  They absolutely crush this bait.  Baby Bass and Bluegill are my favorite colors.  River2sea makes great baits that are just as good as the Japanese baits that cost twice as much. 

From: Greg: Utah

Comments: Got one of these in clown color. Replaced the stock hooks with red Gamakatsu trebles. It looks sweet. BUT, I was not impressed with this crank at all when it came down to fishing. Not a good crank for a fast retrieve. I hate having to tune a crank, it is a waste of time. If a company can't make one that runs true out of the box I will not use it or buy any more.

From: Tim: TX

Comments: Fished my favorite Haunt with the 3/8 oz first day I got them from Tackle Warehouse. Caught 1 fish every three casts until i just got bored and went home. Caught & landed over 30 fish from 2:30 till 5:30 and that is not the most productive time of the day. Usually don't get a single bite until 5:30 PM. Spent more time getting trebles out than fishing. Twitching on top, Walk'n the dog sub surface or a steady retrieve all caught fish.

From: Clayton: Austin, TX

Comments: First day I tried this bait, I caught 4 bass in a pond that has never produced many bass. Even caught a nice little 3 pounder on this crankbait.

Comments: The quality of this crank could easily fetch twice as much. Totally over-built and it really catches lots of bass. Try the Aurora Black in clear water. The Baby Bass really comes into its own in the fall when the bass fry are the same size as this lure.

From: AJ: RI

Comments: This is a really nice minnow-like crank which gets down to about 4 ft. max on 17 lb. test (probably won't reach 6 ft. even on light line), has a moderately tight wiggle, and moderate rise to the surface which works well in colder water.  It handles rocks and stumps well, deflecting nicely to avoid hangups. Hooked a nice 18 in. 3.5 lb. Bass by deflecting the lure off a stump in 52 degree water. It seems lighter than 3/8 oz. when casting, but rolls only occassionally during a cast because of the internal weights.
All the colors are great; I have the "Clown" in the smaller size. I would like to try the Aurora Black and the Tiger Red Craw. If you are looking for a moderate depth crank with minnow-like action, I think you will find this a good choice, especially in Spring and Fall.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL

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