Designed with an outside-the-box craw-style construction, the River2Sea Crawler delivers a look and an action that is unlike anything bass have ever seen. Built with free-moving arms, the River2Sea Crawler is made to mimic the movements of a frightened crawdad as it swims backwards with its claws flailing away. Offered in a number of detailed craw colors, the River2Sea Crawler delivers a unique look and an action that will catch the most seasoned bass unaware. 

River2Sea Length Weight Cranking Depth Class Hook
Crawler 2" 1/4oz 0-5 feet Floating #10 Daiichi (BN) Trebles

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The trick to turning these baits is that along with the line tie you also have to tune the arms to both swing freely in the same manner as each other.

From: John: MO 1/2/15

Comments: You have to put in a little work and know the trick to tuning and using them but it's a pretty cool little bait.

From: John: MO

Comments: I love this! Best lure I have ever gotten!

From: Tom: Ipswich MA

Comments: I bought 2 of these and i was so excited when they came in i tied one on and tossed it in the pool to see how it ran. I tuned and tuned and tuned and tuned and, well you get it.. so i tried the other one and guess what. WORST running crankbait i have ever bought. That was the only time I have ever thrown these baits. You'd be better of buying the Rebel craws..

From: Nick: Waynesboro, VA

Comments: This lure is great! I have caught largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, pickerell, muskie, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, pumpkinseed, rock bass, warmouth, walleye, perch, yellow bass, white bass, a bowfin, and even a small channel cat on this lure. As for this lure rolling and not running correctly, that is simply not true! This lure was created as a stop and go jerkbait, it is not really meant to be used as a crank. I have found for best results to use a zero memory line.(braided,fireline,nanofil,or even florocarbon) On the cast, when the lure hits the water, wait a second, give the lure a twitch then jerk it hard and stop. Reel in the slack in your line and repeat! Warning! Most fish hit on the stop, so be ready!

From: Jerry: Blue Island, IL

Comments: Worst running crankbait I have ever thrown. A half hour of tuning and this bait still spins on the surface. Not what I expected from River2Sea

From:Justin: Columbia, SC

Comments: I absolutely love this little craw i caught a 7lb hog off this in the spring craw now i own all the colors and they never just ceases to amaze me great thing to have fishing for those picky bass!!!

From: Thousand Oaks, CA

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