The River2Sea's Crystal Buzz, like their Hula Shad, features a bismuth⁄tin alloy head encased in polycarbonate with a flat design that causes the buzzbait to pop to the surface faster than conventional head designs, and allows for a slower retrieve. Crystal Buzz features a hand tied silicone skirt, River2Sea's premium long shank Big Bite hook and dual counter-rotating blades separated by a spring designed to apply the right amount of pressure to keep the blades from jamming while creating noise to draw fish in for a strike.

* Material: Bismuth⁄Tin alloy encased w ⁄ polycarbonate
* Unique finish
* Hand tied skirts
* Flat design for easy pop up to surface
* Spring device for noise optimization
* Ball-bearing weed bead

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great bait, awesome finish on this bait and increadibly durable! i agree that this bait rises quickly and provides a beautiful noise when going trough the water surface. Highly recomend this bait along with any other R2S baits. I'm a fan of the brand!

From: Emmanuel: Bakersfield, CA

Comments: This is a very high quality buzzbait, at a very low price. When the topic of value comes up, River2Sea is a company that comes to mind. It is baits like this that are the reason why. I love the head design and the skirt is really nice quality. This bait runs great out of its gorgeous package. The fish like it a lot too. I highly recommend this lure.

From: Dean: British Columbia, Canada

Comments: This is my first double blade counter-rotating buzzblade and I was totally impressed with the quality of the finished product as well as packaging.  The blades are on a spring so that they would ding off each other creating additional noise.  While I found the casting distance to be only average, I really like how well this lure tracks as well as how quick it surfaces.  I only had slight problems as the counter-rotating blades tend to foul up with weeds geting tangled in them.

From: SlipperyBob: MN, USA

Comments:I picked up a couple of these because all of the R2S things I have bought in the past worked extremely well and didn't expect anything less out of these. I was really impressed right out of the box by the sheer quality of these baits. I fish mostly clear to ultra clear water,so detail is a must. I proceeded down a bank on my first trip to Lake Vermillion in Minnesota. I caught 6 bass and 1 large pike in the first 100 yards while my partner didnt even get one! I cut off the R2S and tied on another brand I've always used in the past and only got 2 risers in the next 500 yds proof these baits are at the top of the buzzbait chain. I'm a tough critic of baits and these are by far the best I've used. I've bought several other baits for more money and none run as true, pop up as easy and allow you to reel them as slow as this one. For clear water these are the best on market for the price bar none.

From:Travis: Utah, USA

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