A spinnerbait is a spinnerbait; that is until River2Sea's Hula Shad came along. At the heart of the Crystal Spin is a revolutionary head design that encases the bismuth and tin alloyl head with a polycarbonate that allows for some truly unique finishes never before seen within the industry. The new head design has not one but two hand tied skirts. The Hula Shads are all constructed with the highest quality components; premium hook, ball bearing swivel and high quality blades with a swooped wire frame for ultimate vibration.

Crystal Spin’s design and components create a spinnerbait that tracks true throughout the speed spectrum; it is equally effective at high speed burns in shallow water, and slow rolling for deeper presentations.

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Customer Reviews


When fishing the crystal spin on my first cast the blade went flying off and I used to second one and the same thing happened so I threw them away  the wire sucks.

From: Dillon: Redding, CA

Comments: These spinnerbaits are the most brittle I have ever seen.  I am not sure what material they make their wire out of but it breaks in no time if you are actually catching fish on them.  Broke 2 in one day right where the bend is at the first blade on the wire.  Will never buy again.

From: John: NC

Comments: Tried one out at the Lake Okeechobee and tore them up.  However, after every fish I had to re-tune the thing since the wire got all bent out.  Then the thing broke.  Pretty expensive spinner bait to break so easy.  The skirt was also pretty much gone by the 5th fish.  Not worth the price they are asking.

Comments: Broke both of mine within the same week.  One on a 3 pounder the other as i was fixing the wire just after catching a fish.  They have a big profile which is nice on windy days but they will break on you in no time.  Not worth the money.

From: Kevin: NC

Comments: Be very careful with this lure.  I have had about 5 or 6 of them break on me.  A few with fish and a few on the cast.  After talking with River2Sea, the customer service was subpar and they did not seem to care that their crystal spins were breaking.  No replacements and no sympathy.  Hopefully they fix this issue, but at least I am not the only one.

From: Bill: MA

Comments: Good bait, realistic and unique body shape. Runs true and gets bit. To the guy who commented about RS2's new eye pattern...do you think a bass really cares about the eyes when its hits something like a spinnerbait with all its flash and bulk? Nope lol

Comments: I recently lost my crystal spinnerbait fishing in heavy cover and forgot to retie my line. Long story short, I got two new one and it have a "2" in the eye. It look retarded and don't know if it will produce the same. On the picture it doesn't have a number 2.

From: Pao: Fresno, CA

Comments: This is one of the best spinnerbaits I have ever used.  They were definitely one of my go to lures last year.  I had a similar problem with two breaking in one day though.  I contacted River2sea and they said that a few had slipped through quality control and that the problem was fixed.  They promptly sent me 4 new baits free of charge and they have worked beautifully.  Chartreuse Shad in 3/8oz has been my favorite.

From: Greg: Clarkston, UT

Comments: Need to report back AGAIN, with an APOLOGY! Used these today for standard windy day bass fishing, water temp 68F, and got a two pounder, which BROKE OFF AT THE BOAT BECAUSE THE CRYSTAL SPIN BROKE AT THE JIG HEAD CONNECTION, still in the bass. Thought, wow, that sucks, must be a defect. Then less than 20 minutes later another broke while I was just bending the pin back a bit, right behind the wire bend. Two spinnerbaits breaking on the SAME TRIP?? Something is WRONG with these. Sadly the bass were going crazy for them, wish they could solve the wire issue.  Going to try to contact river 2 sea.. until then I won't buy any more.

From: Craig: Sunrise, FL

Comments: OK, reporting back after at least a four pound snakehead mauled this thing today. Basically it hit, fought hard on the way back, then of course started spinning uncontrollably about a foot from shore. Let it calm down, then again the snakehead twist. Anyone out there know what I mean???  I call this the spinnerbait test, because if it still works after this it's a durable lure. I have had some lures absolutely destroyed after one large snakehead to the point of being thrown out. They can be expensive fish... So- bent the wire but not too bad twisting, a few scratches to the plastic coating. took a few minutes to re-shape everything and it basically runs true again. The skirt didn't rip either. Grade: A-  very good lure.

Comments: Got two colors of this today and decided to throw the bluegill to see how it fared. Pretty breezy day, blue skies and very warm water and 2:00 in the afternoon. Got two-1 pound size  bass in under an hour, not great, but it was 2:00.
Pros- great finish, casts very well, little wind resistance. Seems built very well, and made to last.
Cons- I like to fish deeper in summer mid day, and this thing doesn't want to stay down.
Well see how this hold up when a five pound snakehead hits it, then I'll report back!

From: Craig: Sunrise, FL

Comments: I've been pretty pleased with these baits, the body holds up nicely and the blades don't tarnish. the swivels and mechanics on this spinnerbait are up to par and I've been pretty pleased with the results, they've held up well after lots of fish.

From: David: California, USA

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