Deadly in any fishery where bass and baitfish come in contact, the River2Sea Jerk Shad provides a lifelike and incredibly versatile presentation that is capable of fooling the most seasoned bass. Internally, the River2Sea Jerk Shad is fitted with a tungsten weight transfer system that allows it to cast further and run deeper than other baits in its class.

Truly versatile, the River2Sea Jerk Shad can be worked like a traditional jerkbait and a shad-bodied crankbait with an exceptionally wide wobble. Covered with a detailed scaling pattern, the River2Sea Jerk Shad offers a truly realistic presentation complete with 3D eyes. Armed with two sticky-sharp Daiichi trebles, the River2Sea Jerk Shad is just what you need to “shad-der” the competition. 

River2Sea  Length Weight Hook Depth
Jerk Shad 78 3" 7/16oz #4 Daiichi 0-10ft
Jerk Shad 88 3-1/2" 5/8oz #4 Daiichi 0-10ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Chartruse-shad color gets the big ones in early spring on Lanier.

From: Ed: GA

Comments: Not sure what all the negative reports are about.  I've done very well with this bait.  I fished it as a deep jerkbait and caught a lot of nice bass.  I really like the bluegill color though, and it isn't carried here.

From: Greg: UT

Comments: Buy any other jerk bait. This thing is not worth .15 cents. I tried it and I was very disappointed that I wasted my money.

Comments: Spend a few more dollars and get a Bevy Shad..Or spend a few less and get a Shad Rap..Either way, both are much better baits..

From: Frank: GA

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