The River2Sea Junk Grenade is a hand tied flipping jig designed to go into the heaviest cover to go toe-to-toe with big fish. Built with a unique tungsten rattle, the River2Sea Junk Grenade provides a distinct underwater acoustic that will call curious bass in for a closer look. In addition, the River2Sea Junk Grenade is fitted with a smooth-flowing flat rubber skirt with silicone accents. Backed by an exclusive River2Sea Big Bite Flipping Hook, the River2Sea Junk Grenade keeps fish pinned on until they hit the deck. Offered in a number of matte-finishes, the River2Sea Junk Grenade gives anglers a heavy duty option for knock-down drag-out battles in thick cover. 


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Customer Reviews

Comments: the weed guard on these jigs are too soft, which makes them hang in dense vegetation, or thin wood like willows.  On certain lakes they are a poor choice.  In other lakes with big wood or rock, they'd be just fine.

From: Jake: Richland, WA

Comments: Ok so I finally tried these for the first time (brown/orange) with my Havoc Pit Boss, which has great action by the way.. For the first 5 casts it was nothing but 5 lunkers.. hook was still sharp and sturdy, but sadly, lost it to a rock.. will be ordering more. Thanks TW and R2S!

From: Hmongbass: Madison, WI

Comments: gotta love these jigs I have them in black and blue and brown and purple and both look amazing in the water. These jigs are amazing when you pair them with a KVD chunk can't go wrong and they definately last a while.

From: Tommy: Chicago

Comments: Absolutely love River2Sea's rubber jig. The rubber produces more action over silicone and it's unique head is great for structure fishing. Not sure why Carter is having problems...this jig a winner for me.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: The finish and quality of the jig are excellent.  The hand tied skirt is a very nice touch.  I fish a fair amount of timber and this jig gets hung up more often than not.  The weed guard is either too soft or not quite long enough.  Either way, I would not recommend this jig for fishing in or around timber.

From: Carter

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