River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog 60

At first glance the River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog has some unique features that make this bait noticeably different from all the other frog baits on the market.  While it may not look like the most realistic frog you have ever seen when it’s out of the water, once it’s in the water - it’s a whole different story.

Designed to mimic the real thing in action - as you pull it forward in the water, it dives, creating a soft bubble trail with the legs kicking just like a real frog. Stop it, and the legs retract, while the bait rises slowly, until its eyes poke out just above the surface. With a continuous stroke and stop retrieve, the lifelike legs will kick and retract, kick and retract, seductively swimming just like a real frog.

Its clear, overhead, diving collar also allows it to plow through or skip over any obstructions in your way, while its solid body made of a coated high-density urethane provides excellent durability. Equipped with a super sharp River2Sea 2X Strong 6/0 Wide Gap Hook, and available in several realistic colors, the River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog is so real - you have to see it in action to believe it.

Designed with legendary angler, TV host and lure designer, Larry Dahlberg.

Need replacement legs or collars - check out the River2Sea Dahlberg Diver Frog Leg and Collar Pack.

Length Weight
Diver Frog 60

2-1/2" body
6" (with legs extended)


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3 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It is an awesome Concept, but the legs melt in moderate heat and then the action gets messed up.

From: Unknown 2/6/17

Comments: I originally tried out the bigger 1-ounce frog and was immediately disappointed. The frog looked very realistic but would always roll to one side. I tried to figure out a way to tweek it but with no luck. I gave up on them. I was looking on the web and found that this frog comes in a smaller 5/8 ounce size. I always thought the 1-ounce frog was too big, especially the hook. I tried the smaller frog out this weekend and it worked perfectly.

From: Ray: Magnolia, TX 1/18/15

Comments: got this frog after seeing the video on youtube.. it is as bad as the other reviews say... it lands upside down a lot. it doesn't kick correctly everytime and the legs get stuck on the hook 75% of the time! don't waste your money.. the R2Sea spitting WA frog is amazing!! get that one! you will not be disappointed!!

From: Derek: orange, CA

Comments: legs melted got some yellow guewy stuff , but mostly in tact. Then one leg broke. I only got a chance to fish it once. I store my tackle indoors.  I would not recommend this frog even if it was free.

From: Calvin: CA Delta

Comments: A lot of people have had bad experiences with this bait. My experience was a little more... bitter-sweet. It is an interesting bait: you can swim it, twitch it and pop it. But the thing is too damn big. Sure I got hits, but all the fish would yank the legs out.

From: Nicholas: Berkeley, California

Comments: The action is great but seems to be not very durable. With about 4 fishing trips both eyes have came of and the legs loose their "bounciness" with a few hours worth of casting.

From: Nate: MA

Comments: This frog is awesome.  I see that some of you guys have had a little bad luck and I'm sorry to hear that.  I can't seem to keep the fish off of this lure.  Everything I've caught has been 3+ pounds.  The action is nothing short of amazing.  My only gripe is that the legs get caught behind the weed guard when using an aggressive retrieve, but that's really it.  It also comes with replacement legs and a special tool to change them. Overall I can honestly say this is the BEST looking and Best acting frog lure hands down.

From: Jake: Chickamauga, GA

Comments:  I haven't caught a monster off of this lure, but, I have caught some pretty decent size largemouths. I love this frog. If you don't wanna dive it, play it as a popper, it's makes that one noise. It's two in one! The quality, I say, it's pretty good for it. $12 for a hardbody frog plus it's a diver, AND you get another pair of legs. I say, it's worth the money, at least for me. I'm planning to get another one of these frogs. If you're looking for another frog to buy, I say this is the one to go. It's pricey, but you'll love the way how it swims. You'll be surprised.

From: Tou: Sheboygan, WI

Comments: Very dissapointed in this product. I have inquiries out to TW and River2Sea regarding why this crap would be sold. For 12 $ plus shipping, I expect a prestine lure. When I pulled my frog out of the box and walked in my backyard to the lake, the frog DID NOT swim as directed in the video. It swam like crap. The diving plastic lip was bent kinda funny for some reason so I believe that to be the issue. Also the frog does not land up right every time I cast. The rear right leg seems to get caught in the hook occasion when reeling as weel. Very poor product right out of the package.....

From: Bob: MI

Comments: There is a clear warning on the box about this plastic along the lines of: "Do not let the legs come into contact with PVC plastics or other plastic baits, it will cause them to melt" so just read...They can't touch normal plastisol baits or they WILL melt. High heat doesnt have much to do w/ it unless it's very High heat. As for frog performance: Mine is EXCELLENT...Frogs these days (many of them), I dont believe the fish even thinks it's grabbing a frog, they're just poppers n walkers w a new profile...This frog Looks and acts and SWIMS like a real frog...the action is amazing. You can keep it pulling down and swim it thru open water like a jerkbait but it will stay a solid 4 feet down. U can nose it right into the bottom like a frog tryna get into the mud...or you can just fish it on top like a traditional hollow body or mix itup. Versatility. Good bait on action and design alone. It's still 50 degree water here so I have not put in the time to catch any fish on it yet though. But I'm extremely confident that it will produce hogs.

Comments: I Love The Design. Replacement Legs Melted.

From: Reggie: Durham, NC

Comments: Had high hopes for this frog, but was severely dissapointed. Bought the spare legs, they melted in the packaging. The frog swam like absolute crap out of the box. Tried to adjust the collar, that didn't help... It's been sitting in the box in my basement. It swam NOTHING like the videos shown. Another crappy product from R2S.

From: Matt: Warwick, RI

Comments: The legs melted in the storage box. None of my other baits or plastics have ever done this. Both sets of legs are trashed. Great idea, good action the first time I threw it....but then the legs went out. 2 bad legs, zero fish.

From: Mike: SOCAL, USA

Comments: amazing action but the legs are absolut trash...i cast it 15 times and the legs are gone whitout fish contact!!!

From: Muri: Lucern, Switzerland

Comments: Swims good but the plastic legs give way if they stay too long in your storage boxes, all you're left with is a frog body.  Good design but one frog I would not buy again. 

From: Edgar: Delta, CA

Comments: Great action and comes through the heavy muck as good as any frog I've seen!  I also had problems with the legs holding up and melting under moderate heat, but contacted River2Sea directly and they have recently developed new legs which they sent to me free of charge immediately to fix the problem.  Can't ask for more than that!  As to the hook set issue- use some attractant to get them to hold on, use braid for no-stretch sets, and wait a second longer.   Good froggin'!

From: Dave: Warrenton, MO

Comments: Well what can I say - its like that old saying - The LDD frog brings both the best of froggin and the worst of froggin. kudos on its novel design and action - it truly can be fished to mimic a frog better than kermit himself...BUT like many others it just has huge trouble with hookset.  Ive lost more fish strikes on this lure than I care to remember...and have tried numerous strategies to "fix" it - all to no avail.  Larry - plz fix this issue cuz this lure could be the next best thing since the senko!!!

From: Heartshaped Bass: New Jack City, NJ

Comments: This is TRUELY a big fish bait!  The fish will have to be 6 plus to even get the bait in it's mouth and the hook is way to big!  Even with the negative remarks, if you tie it on and fish it all day you will be amazed at the number of blow-ups you get...and the number of misses!

From: Curt: GA

Comments: Waste of time and money, leg broke off and haven't even caught a fish yet. Don't be foolish like I was

From: Dan: Rockville, MD

Comments: if you let the fish take the frog for about a 2 count before setting the hook, the leg's will last much longer. it's hard to do, but it works. i have only lost one leg on multible strike's after i learned to do this. if you fished them with your eye's closed, it would do the same thing. that's why you hook more fish at night on top water bait's, you don't strike on what you see, you strike on what you FEEL---

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: This bait is incredible in the water! The frog looks and acts like the real thing! In the package it looks ok but I dare you to  cast it out and twitch it back in, you have to see it to believe!

From: Steve: Kernersville, NC

Comments: do not buy. im am a huge larry d fan but this thing is just horrible. the idea is great but the material used sucks. its made out of this fiber glass like substance and it broke while i was tying it on the rod. the larry daulberg crayfish is definetly worth it though. most realistic crawfish bait ever. i think if the frog had a rubber body it would be alot more durable. trust me, one bad cast into a dock or rock and this thing would be done. and its alot of money for a lure that would not hold up to serious bass fishing. good idea larry, but it needs some work....

From: Jordan: Rochester, MA

Comments: There is a secret way to fish this frog. In real life, they either swim or bury themselves in the mud. Stick your rod tip down in the water a couple feet and get that frog to the bottom. When you feel the rocks and mud, continue shaking your rod tip so it looks like the frog is burying itself! The most lifelike frog to ever hit the market. Larry Dahlberg is the man.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: Amazing. Fished it just too see what it looked like on a cold day when nothing bit on anything. Got a follow and look from a big largemouth in 43 degree water in "non-frog" conditions. Cannot wait for it to warm up.

From: Micah: Spokane, WA

Comments: this is a graet frog, most realistic ive used but its very hard to set the hook. i just recently bought it and today i missed at least 4 that was 6 plus

From: Kaleb: Yadkinville, NC

Comments: One of the best frogs i have ever used! Thank You River2Sea.

From: Leng: Siloam Springs, AR

Comments: I've caught 8 fish so far on this including 8 lb 4oz. without problems.  Leg action combined with the diver part make this by far this years best frog!  Throw out your "scum" and "ish" and "swamp" crap....I dare you to try this one.  Not disappointed in Nor Cal!

From: Daniel: El Sobrante, CA

Comments: CHEAP LEGS! BUT a great fix and alternative for me is just add some rabbit fur zonker strips (for fly fishing) for legs,they last forever have great action and u can mix n match colors.they dont kick as great as the legs that come with the bait but hey,they last alot longer.just my quick little easy fix for this great bait.

From: Steve: Chicago, IL

Comments: excellent bait but the legs rip off after just a few fish and then the bait is worthless. they need to make this bait with a thin wire or something running the length of the legs

From: Scot: Tioga County, PA

Comments: with today's vast amount of frog's on the market, to say this one's the best of the bunch is an under- statement. this is the most realistic frog made! you have to see it in action to appreciate it. on the outer edge's of weed bed's or tule's, it has no equal. thank you larry dahlberg, you did it again!

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

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