Created with legendary angler, TV host and lure designer, Larry Dahlberg, the River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Wide Glide is a high performance walking bait that zigs and zags, side-to-side with a wide gliding action rather than slapping the water in a narrow back and forth motion like other “walk-the-dog” type baits. Available in two very distinct models, the WideGlide offers actions to suit a wide range of fishing opportunities. The sub-surface model is deadly when the fish are deeper and refuse to come up to take a look at your topwater baits, while the surface (floating) model not only “walks the dog” on top, but can also dart and glide lazily just below the surface, twitching and flashing its colors to any willing predator below. Made of high impact plastic, the WideGlide features state-of-the-art “internal scaling” which adds realism and belly flash for a treat no big fish can resist. Also equipped with a full stainless steel harness and 3X strong River2Sea hooks, the rear hook has a matching feather trailer with a sparkle of flashabou.  Available in several proven colors, the River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Wide Glide has been proven to trigger mega strikes from large bass and a variety of game fish the world over.   

River2Sea Length Weight Class
Wide Glide
4-1/2" 7/8oz Floating
Wide Glide
4-1/2" 1-1/8oz Slow Sink (0-8ft)

Treble Hooks

Learn how to fish the River2Sea WideGlide with Larry Dahlberg.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Interesting reading all the reviews.  All I can say about guys bashing the Wide Glide is, they don't know how to work it, and/or can't learn to work it.  I've had no problem.  Just returned from a 2-day float of the Susquehanna in PA, between these 2 days and 1 day two weeks ago my buddy and I hooked over 75 smallmouth at 4 to 5+ lbs.  This lure doesn't work?  You've got to be kidding.

From: A.J.: Baltimore, MD  USA

Comments: I felt like a lot of guys here when I first bought the Wide Glide. Frustrated with the action and with myself for not being able to figure out the problem. But it is like Larry pointed out, "You have to learn the technique". Im now able to effectively walk it and also get some decent erratic glide action using the slow sink model. This past week end I had a big large mouth blow up on it and a chaser that missed down on the coast. In my humble experience, some anglers are better with certain baits, that others struggle with. I fall in that example. Saying that, however, Im now a believer in the wide Glide.

From: Charlie: TX

Comments: This lure does not have the side to side gliding action as advertised. I called the manufacturer and they said to remove the feather on the rear hook. I did that and it performed better but not great. It does not entice fish to bite. I was fishing for stripers under birds where the fish where in a fenzy. I caught fish on everything I threw except the Wide Glide. Don't waste you money on this lure.

From: Bob: Baltimore, MD

Comments: Not a terrible bait but also didn't perform as advertised. I have been using glide baits for over 20 years and this one didn't impress me. Good fast tight walk/glide but it's an under performer as a wide glide type bait. Takes way too much force with way too much slack to get a wide glide from it. Then it doesn't glide to far. I tried without the feathers and with lighter hooks it still didn't help much.

From: RK: Georgia, USA

Comments: Tried this product for muskies and its glide was horrible!!! Sorry larry your products are normally wonderful, whopper plopper is great, need to work on the WG. Glide was a roll at best, not worth the buy.

From: Brett: WI

Comments: I feel the wg gives better action than any other jerk bait I've ever used, and I've used them all. It's great in 2' or 12 feet. And as Larry said, to get the best action, cut the feathers off.  If it isn't working for you, you're pulling it to far with the tip. Just pop it. with the little one pop is soft. with the big one pop it hard, and be sure to give it slack to allow it to glide to the side. You can zig zag it fast and tight, or really slow and wide by timing your pops. I'm catching pike, huge smallmouth and largemouth.

From: Todd: MN

Comments: Larry here.  Honestly, the lure will do just what I say it will do, but it's a little more difficult to catch on to than the average glider.  MOST IMPORTANTLY I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU CUT THE FEATHERS OFF! People have been creaming stripers, tunas, muskies and pike on the big one.  Bass and tarpon on the small one. (a local guy in Surinam caught 14 tarpon in one day a couple of weeks back, using the small sinking version with a hand line! ouch) You will see it in action catching tarpon in Colombia and the large size sinking one catching stripers in Cape Cod on this years HFBF shows. I did not approve of the way the feathers were added but in the rush and translation it just happened somehow. If you want an added "tail" the best way I've found is to thread some flashabou through a tiny duo lock snap where you'd normally tie your line, secure it with a tiny drop of crazy glue, then attach the snap to the rear hook hanger. Otherwise, like I said, loose the feathers!

From: Larry Dahlberg: Minnesota, USA

Comments: Have had great success with this lure.  Maybe those who don't know the "gliding" technique will eventually learn...this is not a spook.  Gliding is easy if you change your retrieve technique.  Have you used a screw driver as a hammer lately?

From: John: El Sobrante, CA

Comments: Does not perform the way it is advertised.  Don't waste your money.  Only good to say is it looks real nice

From: Tom: California, USA

Comments: This lure isn't what I expected.  Doesn't walk the dog well, and doesn't glide.  It will swing a little wider than a super spook, but you have to jerk hard, and leave tons of slack.  Seems to want to dive a little when you do this.  Tried mono and braid, just to see if either worked better--neither one provided any type of gliding action.  Too bad, really great color and finish to the bait.  No lack of quality from what I can see, just doesn't have the right action. Save your money, and buy a Super Spook or a Black Dog Punker.

From: Brad: Texas, USA

Comments: Very difficult to walk, and not as effective when it does as the name implies.

From: Victor: South Carolina, USA

Comments: Bought this expecting it to glide WIDE as named.  Don't glide at all. Just runs straight to me. I have to work it real good and give lots of slack to make it glide somewhat. I've tried it on all my rods: powell, vendetta, carrot stick, dobyns. Stick to the spooks and punkers. Thought it would be a great bait since Larry designed it. BAH.

From: Chris: California, USA

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