River2Sea's Live Eye Bottom Walker Shad is as versatile a swimbait any angler could ask for. In open water, Bottom Walker swims seductively, but stop the retrieve and Bottom Walker sits upright on the bottom imitating a feeding baitfish unaware of the predators nearby. Live Eye Bottom Walker comes in a variety of colors and sizes designed to be effective in a wide range of water conditions.

  Length Weight Hook Pcs/PK Price
80 3" 3/8oz VMC 3X 1/0 5 $4.99
100 4" 5/8oz VMC 3X 4/0 4 $4.99
120 4 3/4" 1oz VMC 3X 5/0 4 $4.99
150 5 7/8" 2 1/16oz VMC 3X 6/0 2 $6.99
200 7 7/8" 4oz VMC 3X 8/0 1 $6.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I really like the 150 size, great swimbait for slow rolling in deep water. Terrific value and way better than Storm in my opinion. The one complaint is that the eyes tend to pop off.

From: Robert: Battle Creek

Comments: Bottem Walker is a horrible name! I go threw these baits like crazy, not because fish tear them up because they do, but because the plastic on the bottom is so thin that after like five cast the inserted weight tears threw the Bottom. It would be a simple fix, make the lastic on the bottom thicker so the wieght doesnt tear threw! other than that great bait

From: Matt: st george utah

Comments: Love the stock trout in the 150 size (but you guys never have them in stock!) they make great deep water swimbaits and they are great for the money catch fish 2# and Up

Comments: Silverside color looks good on a alabama rig, looks like shiners in a group.


Comments: This is a excellent lure.  I have been using the 3' and 4' on my umbrella rigs.  It has a great swimming action.  It will still swim good at slow speeds. It always swims strait, even at high retreive speeds.  Other brands like Storm tend to roll up to the side.  The hooks are sharp and eyes look great. Complaits:  The plastic is so soft the tail has a tendency to come back around and wrap on the hook.  Also, the tail will break off on short bites.  The eyes are only glued on so after several fish they tend to pop off.  Other than those to issues this is a great lure.  It will catch many fish.  And at a good price.

From: Pao: Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: good bait for alabama rig too but tails will get lost on white bass

From: Matt: Sanford, NC

Comments: Have to admit, for the price, this is really a good swimbait, especially compared to the main competitor - Storm.  I've yet to have one of these lures not swim straight, and the action, while not unique, is good.  Not only that, but they catch fish - stripers eat 'em up.  The one downside is that the tail by the hook exit point rips very easily, in addition to short-striking fish ripping the tail off.  While it sucks having a useless jighead after the tail has gone bye-bye, I applaud River2Sea for having the huevos to make cheap lure with plastic that's soft enough to give a good action.  I'd much rather have that than some stiff lure that lasts forever and catches nothing because of its terrible action.

From: Ron: Delta, CA

Comments: The Bottom Walker is one of my favorite swimbaits. While not the most durable, it does put bass in the boat. Letting it sink to the bottom is the key during the summer months, and a slow retrieve in Fall seems to be the ticket.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments:Great lure, cast and let it sink. I've caught fish since day one on this thing. The hook is supper sharp and the durability is above average. It can definitely take some abuse, I have used the Spike-It markers to give it an orange belly to fish in stained water. It always catches fish but high gear ratio reels are not needed. I would say about 6.3:1 and turn the handle in twelve or more second revolutions. I've never hung it up and it has caught fish from five pounds to a single pound.

From:Jorrick: Jacksonville, FL

Comments:The River2Sea Live Eye Bottom Walker is an Excellent swim bait. It has a very good action at all retrieve speed's.

From:Bill: Cortez, CO

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