The River2Sea Rover's action turns a leisurely weekend dog walk in the a sprint. Instead of the gilding action action anglers are accustomed to, the Rover's choppy, side-to-side slashing will draw vicious strike like a pit bull attacking it's prey. The face of the Rover features an exaggerated cupping that spits more aggressively than other "spook" style baits. The River2Sea Rover's cupped mouth and geometry also create on of the most unique actions ever experienced with any walking type lure. Include super sharp Diiachi trebles (98 - #6 size; 113, 128 - #4 size)

River2Sea Length Weight Class
Rover 98 3 7/8" 3/8oz Surface
Rover 113 4 7/16" 1/2oz Surface
Rover 128 5" 11/16oz Surface

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Nice bait with several sizes to choose from and nice color selection. Basically just an advanced and updated Zara Spook except it casts better and has upgraded super sharp Daichi hooks. I had a problem with the paint/casing on my Whitey color coming/peeling off only about 20 casts and it was never in the heat or anything to damage it. Caught 1 small 13 inch kentucky on it and that was all. Contacted R2S and sent picks of bait and they sent me a new one in less than a week. Top not customer service and company that stands behind their product. I just happened to get a lemon which happens with any product in any company...it happens. Recommendation I will add is NOT to remove the oval split ring line tie. I always like to use a duo lock snap so I can change out baits quickly but with this bait the front hook (128 model with 3 hooks) is somewhat positioned close to the head of the bait and your line will get caught in the hooks somewhat often when walking the dog back and forth which is highly annoying and ruins the cast. So just tie direct to the oval split ring and your good to go.

From: Brett: STL, MO

Comments: This korean brand never ripped anywone off! River To Sea is the ORIGINAL. They started to make this bate over 50 years ago!

From: Joo

Comments: Best walking bait on the market hands down. Easy to walk and flat out catches fish in the fall. Much more durable than Repo Man  and a lot less expensive.

From: Ed: GA

Comments: this is a top-notch walking bait. it practically walks itself on a slow/med. retrieve. very well made and the okie shad color is a winner. they say that color does not matter with surface lures. maybe, maybe not. this color catches mucho bass, so who cares? i let the water color dictate the lure color most of the time. i like the whitey also. i wish they made it in black--

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: I bought one to try just because it was a little different. I was very impressed! It got a workout the first day. 3 over 4 lb and no tellin how many short fish. The one thing i noticed was that the smaller schooling fish was tougher to hook up with. But they always came back for it. 

From: Craig: Belle River, IL

Comments: Started fishing this bait this year, and have already caught several fish. I've previosly fished super spooks and repoman/ vixen lures. Very similar to and as I understand it predates the vixen. It seems to have a more erratic/ darting retrieve

From: Alex: Atwater, CA

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