The River2Sea Snub Crankbait is the bait of choice when game fish are in the shallows, a perfect offering when a tight, fast wiggle is needed. Featuring an untraditional round faced diving bill, this unique design helps it deflect off branches and standing timber, while reducing hang-ups. Also, the Snub's angular features provide an impeccable profile, fooling fish into striking.  River2Sea’s Tungsten Weight Transfer System facilitates greater control and distance on the cast, as well as, noise to help draw fish in. For more positive hook ups, the Snub comes equipped with two sticky sharp Daiichi #8 treble hooks.  Available in a variety of colors, the River2Sea Snub Crankbait is a quality bait for a great price.

River2Sea Length Weight Class Hooks
Snub 2" 5/16oz Floating #8

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Nov. 18  2013 - Shallow windy flat. late Fall in New England, but on a string of consecutive 60 degree plus days.
Absolutely wrecked the bass with the Gin color Snub crank. Fitted with Gamakatsu short shank #6 trebles. The Snub hunts like crazy and has from day one about 2 years ago.Love this crankbait, as it's the perfect decoy of young panfish.

From: AJ: N. Kingstown, Rhode Island

Comments: great crankbait it's different from most. it almost suspends wich i like and it has a subtle action. cast good for its size i would reconnmend it.

From: Clay: Iowa

Comments: I have bought two of these now. They are supposed to be floating but after only a few sessions they lose their buoyancy and begin to sink. Wont be going with these again. Far better choices around the 6  dollar price range. BUT... I did catch a decent amount of fish with them when they worked.

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