This frog has a big mouth and is not afraid to use it. The River2Sea's Crawlin Croaker will wobble into the nastiest cover and cause big bass to get the jitters waiting to strike. Crawlin Croaker responds to a slow steady retrieve by wobbling across the surface with a steady gurgling action that is sure to illicit monster strikes. Crawlin Croaker is armed with River2Sea's exclusive Big Bite Double Hook to drive home the point that this is not a frog that speaks softly while carrying a big lip. Crawlin Croaker means business, and the bass in your lake will soon find out why.

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Step Wa 70 2.75" 7/8oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the previous comments are true it dose not swim like a jitter bug, but if you put a split ring on the line tie and tie to that there is no other frog that is better or easier to walk pop and spit. this is not a frog that is good for a cast a real situation but it is fantastic around docs, weed edges, or any submerged structure.I have personally caught dozens of fish over four pounds with this simple modification.

From: Brent: IL

Comments: if you want this bait to perform like a jitterbug, notch the bottom of the line tie with a file. tie directly to the notch with 50-65# braid and retrieve  at medium speed. the notch tie will make the cup dig INTO the water and walk much better. this is an old trick used on any spook type lure and it works on these also. if you use 25# fluoro it works even better because the line sinks ahead of the bait. works for me, give it a try--

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: When I first saw this bait, I was overjoyed.  "Finally!" I thought, "a weedless bait with the appeal of a Jitterbug!"  I love fishing a Jitterbug at night, but i hate dealing with treble hooks in the dark.  Well, this bait fell far short of expectations.  If there is any current or any chop on the water, it will not wiggle very well at all.  If the water is as smooth as glass, the action is fair at best.  It's good for fishing lakes in calm conditions, but it's not river worthy by any stretch of the imagination.  River2Sea makes nice looking baits, but a large percentage of them fail when it comes time to perform.  This bait fails.  River2Sea needs to focus more on performance than on appearance, packaging, and marketing.

From: Brad: Kingsport, TN

Comments:  I agree with the first comment; Pretty frog, poor performance. The front lips are soft plastic, they do not grab the water the way it needs to walk properly. The frog is a great concept but it needs to be modified slightly before it should be put on the market. The front lip needs to not be able to flex. It needs to be hard plastic or metal like all the jitterbugs have. Do not buy this frog unless they fix the front lips. 

From: Bass Fisher: Minnesota, USA

Comments:  Pretty frog, poor performance.  The lips are soft platics, not hard plastic.  The frog has next to no action when retrieved slowly.  A medium retrieve and it does better.  But if it touches weeds, the action is gone.  A fast retrieve will make it dive and spin.  This frog is good only in open water at a medium retrieve speed. 

From: Rowland: Newport News, VA

Comments:This bait is not so good. The hooks are too close to the body and it doesn't swim so great.

From:Frog Fisher: Minnesota, USA

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