Now the Yabbie can work for you in the thick stuff!! A weedless version of the most lifelike Crawfish imitation ever made! Anglers kept asking for it, and here it is, the River2Sea's Super Yabbie. It has all of the same features of our popular Stand'n Yabbie along with a weedguard, stouter hook and more durable super plastic.

* Air pockets in two claws and weight at the tail, making the Yabbie always standing up
* Weed guard
* Reusable jighead (with barb)
* Material: Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR)

Length Weight Quantity
2.5" 3/4oz 2

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: now that this lure comes weedless, it's my go to craw imitation bait. smallmouth simply love this little dandy. on the negative side, little bass will pester this lure causing you to nearly tip the boat over setting the hook on nothing. on the positive side, the taps are not ALL from little fish as three 5er's proved on my last trip. a good lure and well made with great hooks--

From: Wes: Salinas,CA

Comments: I normally don't seem to have good luck on baits that look this realistic, but this is an exception.  It is impressively snag resistant.  It stays oriented properly and gets bit when crawled slowly.  It does have weaknesses though.  The rubber flesh wears off on the bottom of the tail (though the fact that you get to fish it long enough to wear through the rubber shows just how wonderfully snag resistant the bait is).  It will also become petrified and useless if left inside of a hot vehicle.  In addition, it will melt if it comes in contact with a lure made out of regular plastic.  Still, I'd say one pack is worth a try if the look of the bait appeals to you :).

From: Brad: Kingsport, TN

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