River2Sea's Suspen' 88 is the bait to try when a slim profile is needed and a subtle action is what the fish respond to. The 88 millimeter Suspen' jerkbait features a long diving lip to help drive the bait into the five to seven foot range, where it will respond to subtle twitches of the rod and suspend when paused. River2Sea's exclusive Tungsten Weight Transfer System helps Suspen' 88 provide the angler with long, accurate casts; even into the wind.

River2Sea Length Weight Dive Depth Class Hooks
Suspen' 88 3.5" 3/8oz 5-7ft Suspending #6 Daiichi (BN) Trebles

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Customer Reviews

Comments: pretty pleased with this bait for $7, caught a lot of fish on the chartreuse shad color and it seems to suspend correctly. Thumbs up by me

From: A: VA

Comments: while 6.99 may be fairly cheap in the world of jerkbaits it would be 6.99 wasted on this lure. i like a lot of other river2sea lures but this isn't one of them. spend double and but a lucky craft and catch triple the amount of fish

From: Rob: Miffco, PA

Comments: if you aren't catching big smallies on this bait then you don't own one

From: Dave: Central PA

Comments: The Suspen' 88 has a profile that is tried and true. It's long and slim; predators will almost certainly take a meal that is easy to swallow. Fish it with a steady retrieve, or throw some twitches in for a jerkbait presentation. Caught a personal best 4-pound brown trout. Don't take my word for it, go look at the picture in the gallery on their USA website.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

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