Prop baits have a well–earned reputation for drawing strikes from big fish, and River2Sea's Tango Prop shows all the characteristics of being deadly. With twin counter–rotating blades and dual premium treble hooks, Tango Prop will walk into your tacklebox with spray and flair.

Tango Prop Length Weight Class Hooks
78 3" 7/16oz Surface # 4 Daiichi (BN) Treble
98 3 7/8" 7/16oz Surface # 2 Daiichi (BN) Treble

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure is awesome! The action on this thing is great the bass love it. The durability on this thing is insane too, I was fishing under one of the bridges on a stream off of the ohio river....big concert pliers i was casting though and twice i accidentally casted directly into the pliers at full force but the bait didn't even get a scratch even though it hit the concert pliers full force then fell on ground 8+ feet up!!! :O I highly recommend this lure for top water fishing! (try it at night, you won't be disappointed ;)

From: Steven: fort knox, ky, usa

Comments: this is a good choice for stripers when their on a top water bite. it can make a big swish sound without moving the bait very far. it also is a good hooker. the okie color is tops.

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: In one weekend I caught 4-5 large mouth and 7-9 small mouth on this lure.  For the money it is def a nice lure.  It seems to be wearing well also.

From: Scott: Reston, VA

Comments:This is a great towater lure for the money. The props turn very well and create a turbo of bubbles. The fish seem to like the Tango Prop to be fished pretty fast. I caught a couple of good smallmouth the first time I fished it. I own a lot.

From:William: Hohenwald, TN

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