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The River2Sea Skinny Drop shot sinker is made with high density SD18 Tungsten and are designed for the avid drop shotter. The Skinny Drop is 50% smaller then conventional lead drop shot weights. The smaller compact design makes the R2S Tear Drop extremely sensitive allowing you to feel every pebble across the bottom and the lightest of strikes. If you are new to drop shotting or having issues detecting subtle strikes we highly recomend the River2Sea Skinny Drop Shot Sinker.
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Comments: Buyer beware!  I just received my backordered (from 09/01/2012) River 2 Sea Tungsten Skinny Sinkers in 1/4 ounce size, and discovered River 2 Sea has decreased the number of weights from the advertised 4 weights per pack to 3 weights per pack.  That's effectively a 33% price increase on a sinker that was already quite expensive.  Tackle Warehouse advertises the 1/4 oz. weights as being in a 4-pack, I have purchsed them in 4-packs in the past, and my receipt for product received today (12/19/2012) describes the product as "River Tung Skinny Drop Weight 1/4 4pk," but they are now only 3-packs.  These are still some of the best weights available, but with sales tax, the cost is now $2.51 for a single 1/4 oz. drop shot weight!?!  I'll use the Vike or TD Tungsten from here on out. 

From: Steven: Orcutt, CA

Comments: Great but for a 3/8 oz im not payin 7 bucks they work good but wayyyyyy 2 pricey

From: Jake: Ohio

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