The River2Sea's Tungsten Vibe will crawl through cover like no other lipless crankbait has ever thought of doing, and now the bass have nowhere to hide. Featuring an exposed tungsten chin, the Tungsten Vibe rides in a nose down fashion, but don't let the sheepish nature fool you, this is one tough rattle bait that won't back down to fish or cover.

River2Sea Length Weight Class Hooks
Tungsten Vibe 70 2-3/4in 9/16oz Sinking #4 Daiichi (BN) Trebles

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Knocked the bass silly with the chrome/black when no other lipless would come through. Quility Hooks. Over 100 bass on a single bait in two days of fishing. It was in Mexico but this bait for sure outfished all of the other top brands.

From: Cody: Columbia Falls, MT

Comments:  Another Dominate Bait from R2S - has excellent action when engaged and even better action on the fall.  But the game changer is the fact that this bait ALWAYS lands upright.....This bait has a kickstand for a nose that kickstarts the action when other lipless baits cannot. 

From: Luke: Alto, MI

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