The River2Sea's V'Joint Minnow is one of the most natural swimmers on the market. River2Sea's exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge allows each of V&ndah;Joint's sections to smoothly move through their swimming range giving V'Joint a fluid motion that will drive any gamefish wild. V'Joint comes in five sizes that any angler could find an application for, be it as a small undulating minnow plug or as a hard swimbait.

River2Sea Length Weight Hook Action
75 3" 3/8oz Daiichi #8 & #6 Suspend 0-4ft
95 3 3/4" 3/4oz Daiichi #4 & #2 Suspend 0-4ft
130 5 1/8" 1 1/4oz Daiichi #2 & #1 Suspend 0-4 1/2ft
160 6 5/16" 2oz Daiichi #1 & 1/0 Suspend 0-5ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I own two types of swimbaits, and lots of them. This and my beloved Megabait Charlie. I've tried a handful of swimbaits from Tru T., Spro, Jackall, Reaction Strike and Sebile. These are the only two I keep onboard now because they catch fish for me, time and time again

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: I grabbed one of these at a local shop out in Las Vegas when I used to live out there. Largemouth and Stripers crushed this thing. Biggest largemouth while I was out there was only a 3 pounder but it came on this lure. (size 95). Since then in Ohio smallmouth and largemouth have continued to hammer this thing, both 75 and 95 sizes. I landed the biggest largemouth of my life on this lure, a 6.05 pounder which is a darn good size for Ohio. The action on this lure is great. Don't think twice, get this lure...I'm always stocked up on em'!

From: Mark: Columbus, OH

Comments:You need to throw one of these, they smack srtipers left and right. They are well worth it, just change the hooks out for some 4x Gamakatsu. The stock hooks suck for stipers, there ok for bass but not for the stripers. I fish the upper lake at Castaic and they hammer this bait. My best is a 12 pound striper but the largies like them as well. Get yourself a 168 and fish it hard. Check out the review at tackle tour if you don't believe me. Good luck out there, oh yeah, put a snap on it and get more action.

From:Mieger: Castaic, CA

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