Roboworm EZ Shad Swimbait 5" 3pk

Roboworm EZ Shad Swimbait 5

Roboworm has reached perfection with the new EZ Shad swimbait. The Roboworm EZ Shad features a tight swimming action and is completely weedless thanks to a hook hiding belly slit. Recommended hook size and weight is a 4/0 or 5/0 1/4 ounce extra wide gap superline hook. The EZ Shad is poured using a durable plastic formula that will live up to numerous catches while still providing the EZ Shad with realism that fish cannot resist. All of the right colors are being offered in the Roboworm EZ Shad, so pick them all up and put them to work. The EZ Shad will not disappoint, so make a permanent home for them in your swimbait arsenal.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is BY FAR my favorite "hollow body"/unrigged swimbait! Tried Basstrix and I was disappointed because the bait doesn't swim on a slow retrieve and the bait corkscrews on a fast retrieve (and I tried A LOT of different wook types and sizes, different weights...). Tried Yum Money Minnow and Strike King Shadalicious. These baits worked better but still not very well at slow speeds. Then I tried the EZ Shad: the swimming action is a bit different (more realistic) and the bait swims on slower retrieves and doesn't corkscrews like other baits on fast retrieves! I used a 6/0 Owner Weighted Beast Hook (1/4oz).

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: I see evryone seen Matt Allen sugest these on the back of a swimjig and got overly excited about it. Tried it and not that impressed. A Lake Fork boottail swimbait will put this too shame as will a Reaction Innovations skinny dipper. Tried them all and these are the facts.

From: Will: Waltham Ma

Comments: Best swimbait on the market hands down!!! Especially on the back of a Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig!!

From: SwimJim: TN

Comments: Use on a owner BEAST HOOK 6/0 1/4 OZ. GOOD HOOKUP RATE

From: Mark: Avon, IN

Comments: Good action not real durable put glue back together well, thought it would be a big fish bait,and it is but 2lbs love them to

From: Mark: Indianapolis, IN

Comments: tear waaay to easy..  Catch quality fish and reap the disappointment.

From: Adam: Nor Cal

Comments: update from last review i gave this another shot and i love it but not as much as i love the fluke

From: Chaz

Comments: This sucks so bad i never want another pack i had one work right out of all of them i wont be buying anymore.

From: Chaz

Comments: Great bait esecially when used as a trailer for the dirty jigs california swim jig and i've had success on the regular dirty jigs swim jig using this as a trailer since the regular one is lighter the roboworm ez shad overpowers it even more

Comments: matt allen from tactical bassin on youtube said to use these on dirty jigs swim jigs and the action is incredible when you pair the two up

From: Bill: CA

Comments: As far as soft bodied swimbaits go, the buck stops here.  At 2$ a piece, you are getting THE premier product and its worth every penny.  There are so many great features to this bait, but the two I'm going to highlight are what makes this bait stand out. The first is the durability.  This bait does NOT tear, yet is soft enough to give it incredible action in the tail.  The second unique feature is the dual dorsal fins, which allows you to put your hook between them, WITHOUT having to inbed the hook into the top of the bait to keep it weedless.  For example, a Yum Money Minnow is great, but to keep the weeds off the hook you need to texas rig it, which decreases the life of the bait.  Not with the roboworm.  Trust me, this swimbait CANNOT be beat.  Spend the money and love yourself for being so smart.

From: Matt: North Haven, CT

Comments: Best little swimbaits!!! Hold up like no other!!! Love these things! Will never buy another kind of hollow belly.....

From: Justin: Ventura

Comments: This bait is awesome!! rig it on a 5 ought 1/4 ounce swimbait hook and reel it in at a modorate speed. dont extremely slow roll this bait because it can almost tumble and loose its awesome action i have the Ghost minnow and its better than the picture i love the purple under the green. and another thing to add this bait is SUPER durable!!!

From: John: Batesville, IN

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