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Roboworm FX Straight Tail Worms - $4.19

Roboworm provides some of the very best straight tail worms in the industry with their soft, buoyant plastic and sharp, clear, natural colors. The Roboworm FX Straight Tail Worms come in the amazing Roboworm FX Special Effects Colors, proving so effective for the pros. Soft, bass-pleasing plastic, deep 3D colors, and the exclusive Salt Release System provides a salty taste without weighting down the worm. Straight tail worms have always been a powerful weapon in just about every bass angler's arsenal. When the going gets tough and the fish get lockjaw a delicate presentation of a straight tail worm will sometimes be the key to putting a limit in the boat and collecting a check at the weigh-in.

The 4 1/2" Straight Tail Worms work great for dropshotting, and other finesse presentations. The 6" Worm also works great for finesse techniques but can be used with pretty much any worm setup. For flipping or Texas-rigging the 7" Worm is the call for attracting a lot of underwater attention.

Length Quantity
4.5" 10
6" 10
7" 8

Comments: The FX are the best straight worms you can use, hands down. (I also like the 'hot tip' regular roboworms too!)  The color banding gives insane contrast and the action has such an awesome wiggle fish just seem to nail it unconditionally.  Bass, crappies, pickerel, bluegills...  You name it they will slam it.

From: Matt: USA 6/5/14

Comments: My favorite worm, hands down. Peoples Worm is the only color I buy. These bang bass whether you're using the drop shot rig or dragging the 7in. Definitly my go to worm.

From: Jay: Crystal Lake, IL

Comments: The purple on the M.M.I.I is more iridescent and stands out more in my opinion a lot of flash and a great bait on a drop shot presentation. This bait throws a curveball at the fish.

From: TP: OC, CA

Comments: great worm on a dropshot. Softshell craw and Smmer shad do major work for me, dawg. Kinda hard to find in normal stores so get em here.

From: Meatwad: droppin like its hawt

Comments: great bait the best on shakey head and on a flick shake i use the bluegill color alot

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Aarons Magic 2
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Roboworm FX Straight Tail Worms

6 Available Colors

  • Aarons Magic 2
    Size Stock Qty
    4.5" 10+
    6" 10+
    7" 7
  • M.M. II
    Size Stock Qty
    4.5" 7
    6" 10+
    7" 09/17
  • Peoples Worm
    Size Stock Qty
    4.5" 10+
    6" 10+
    7" 10+
  • Softshell Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    4.5" 10+
    6" 10+
    7" 3
  • Summer Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    4.5" 10+
    6" 10+
  • SXE Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    4.5" 5+
    6" 5+