Take a look at the bright, clear colors Roboworm uses to make their Kickin' Craws and imagine yourself pitching one of these babies into the dark recesses of some fish holding cover. Roboworm is known for pouring money winning baits and these Craws are no exception. The thin, flexible claws wave enticingly with the slightest current or movement of the bait, and the thick, soft body adds bulk and a nice food-like feel to any bass that picks it up.

The Kickin' Craws also feature Roboworm's Salt Release System. The Salt Release System allows the body and claws to remain light enough to move easily and transparent enough to show colors in low-light or deep water. It also gives a burst of salt when they are bit, making bass hold on just a little longer, increasing your hook-up ratio. Try them alone either Texas-rigged, on a jig head or as a jig trailer. Imagine the color combinations you can make with these Kickin' Craws on your jig.

Length Quantity
4" 5

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: This is by far the best swim jig trailer i have ever used. I 100% recommend them. I mostly fish in ponds and lakes and they are extremely effective in them. If you are even thinking about buying them, DO IT NOW. They are also very inexpensive. I will absolutely buy again.

From: Ian: Indianapolis, IN 7/16/14

Comments: great pitching lure also an amazing jig trailer. tremendous action in the legs

From: Gunnar: Nevada, USA

Comments:You're baits are absolutely amazing!

From:Bobby: Royalton, IL

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